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Tarmo Toikkanen

Diigo bookmarking application for Android phones available: DiigoDroid - 1207 views

diigo bookmarking android

started by Tarmo Toikkanen on 12 Sep 09
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  • Tarmo Toikkanen
    Hi all. I just made a very simple Android application that allows me to bookmark pages I browse on my Android phone to Diigo. There was an application for Delicious, but I couldn't find anything for Diigo. Anyway, it's a free app, and very small (under 10kB).

    To use it, in the browser you just click Menu, More, Share Page, Diigo. So it in effect is a new option to the normal share options, like "Mail", "Messages", "Twitter", "Delicious" etc. The application will get the current URL, fetch its title (support for both html and wml pages), and then calls with parameters "post" and "title". From there on it's Diigo that does the rest.

    It works very fluently, once you've first logged into Diigo and let the browser remember your username and password, so you don't need to enter them every time.

    So if Diigo developer people are listening, they can basically improve the Android experience by improving the post page. Tip: I'd like to see the "unread" checkbox in there. :)
  • Graham Perrin
    Cross reference

    > I'm trying to finish a Diigo Android app

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