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Diigo bookmark window doesn't close - 44 views

bookmark window Save

started by pcguy999 on 07 Feb 11
  • pcguy999
    When one uses the bookmark window to bookmark a site after clicking on the Save button the window remains open. Why doesn't it close so that you know that Diigo has saved the bookmark?
  • sandy_diigo
    Having tested just now, the bookmark window is automatically closed after clicking on the save button.
    Are things all well now?If the problem persists,can you please send us the problematic URL and some screenshots so that we can handle it ASAP?
  • pcguy999
    Appears the problem is happening on all URLs but with Firefox 4b11 and earlier builds. When I click on Save the window does not close. No problem with FFox 3.
  • sandy_diigo
    It is a weird issue and no one has ever reported this kind of problem.How many add-ons do you have?
    If you have a few add-ons, can you please disable some to test whether this issue was due to the incompatibility
    caused by 3rd-party add-ons?
    If you have too many add-ons,do you mind send your firefox profile to so that we can handle it ASAP?
    You can access the profile folder by the following address
    C:\Users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles.
  • pcguy999
    Well I disabled all of the addons except for Diigo toolbar restarted Firefox 4b11 and it still did the same thing. So you have no problems with Diigo and Firefox 4 beta 11? I sent an email with a screen shot of the addons installed. I am pretty sure this is happening on 2 different computers both of which are using FFox 4 beta 11
  • pcguy999
    Sigh this thing is still happening with FF4b12 which is the final beta before Mozilla starts releasing release candidates next week.
  • pcguy999
    Is no one else using Firefox 4 beta having this annoying problem?
  • Yoni Blumberg
    I am having the exact same problem, also using FF4 b12

    Very frustrating.
  • pcguy999
    Ok good I am not the only one having this problem with FFox beta. I too had problems with b11 and b12 and do not think it worked properly with any of the Firefox betas.
  • Yoni Blumberg
    You definitely aren't but you people probably don't find it annoying enough to come post about it very often. I am here for other reasons and noticed your post by chance. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. I can provide more details if necessary.
  • sandy_diigo
    We have fixed this bug.Please upgrade your diigo toolbar to the latest version.

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