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Chris Lott

Continued Problems: my tagged items empty - 37 views

tag bug duplicate resolved

started by Chris Lott on 24 Sep 09
  • Chris Lott
    30 minutes ago as part of a class demo I added some bookmarks using the tag 'yay' -- yet when I go to the page for "my bookmarks tagged yay" ( it lists nothing. Same thing for all of my students who are new Diigo users... none of their tag pages show any items. It's very confusing (and frustrating)
  • Graham Perrin
    Hi Chris

    This probably falls under the umbrella of which is re-opened and due for review soon.

  • Chris Lott
    I guess it's resolved if it's deemed acceptable to have to wait many hours for a new bookmark to show up on one's own tag page. And I noted that this happened whether the tag was a newly created one (like the 'yay' tag I used for demo purposes) or one I've used for years.

    Is the "resolved" status meant to indicate that this problem is being addressed (this happens regularly) in general or just that it's resolved in this particular case... I knew *eventually* the items would show up :)

  • Chris Lott
    Thanks much, Graham... that clarifies things quite nicely!

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