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Sue Cifelli

Communicating with group member and welcoming new members - 18 views


started by Sue Cifelli on 16 Sep 09
  • Sue Cifelli
    There may be a way to do this that isn't apparent to me at the moment, but there are times when a member posts off-topic links to my group and I would like to send them a message informing them of the problem, but I am only able to remove their membership. Also, I would like to be able to send a message to my new group members, but only see the button to approve them, not add a message.
  • Graham Perrin
    In the FAQ for this group there's a topic
    Diigo anti-spam policy & this group is moderated (diigo-related only).

    At I refer to a standard form of wording that I use in private messages to posters of bookmarks that must be deleted. Feel free to adapt the wording to suit the requirements of your own groups.

    Deletion of inappropriate content is a far cry from welcoming new members ;) so I should recommend making the most of the words that you can fit within the description of the group.

  • Sue Cifelli
    Please reread my post. This is not an issue of wording.
  • David Corking
    I too have needed to privately contact mebers of groups I admin, but I couldn't find such a feature.

    It seems that to send a message to a user, you need to first send a friend request, and the user needs to accept that.

    Diigo, please consider this a feature request.
  • Sue Cifelli
    Exactly, David, and if people are members of your group, you should be able to send them a message - either to welcome them personally, automatically, or to address their bad behavior.

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