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Communicating the Diigo Roadmap - 77 views

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started by anonymous on 22 Feb 09
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  • Graham Perrin
    +1 to satisfying our curiosity :)

    Diigo Blog could be an ideal medium
    although the search field (if that's what it is) doesn't work;
  • march j

    Sean Brady wrote:

    > share the current roadmap for Diigo development?

    oh yes please, add me to that. you're so teasing with all your 'soons' ;-)
    [ ]

    best regards,

  • Graham Perrin
    See also

    Toolbar Changelog

    > The log is outdated.

    Suggestion: services change log

    Change logs for Diigolet 3.1b506, 3.1b508, 3.1b512, 3.1b523, 3.1b538, 3.1b541 and beyond; logs of changes to Diigolet service are non-existent in recent months :-(
  • Graham Perrin
    Communicating the Diigo Roadmap

    In a nutshell:

    1. re: change logs, I'll continue to beg and plead for timely updates

    2. re: roadmaps, I'm in two minds about the levels of information that should be communicated …
  • Graham Perrin
    Cool, thanks for those items.

    > interesting to re-watch our V2 overview

    For anyone who's interested in how greatly Diigo has improved over time, offers a link to old V2 intro video.

    Parts of outdated are similarly interesting, particularly the range of services previously and currently available for saving elsewhere.


    Off-topic from the original subject, but relevant to reflections on Diigo 2: work in progress lists some of the services with which Diigo worked in the past.

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