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Webtwo Dozent

Collecting Flash - 194 views

bug resolved thanks flash Adobe Flash slideshare thank you

started by Webtwo Dozent on 21 Jan 10
  • Webtwo Dozent
    The Diigo-feature "collect flash" is great. I could collect slideshare presentations or youtube-videos. But right now it doesn't work! If I click on "more" nothing happens ... (I use Windows XP and Firefox 3.57 / Chrome)
  • Joel Liu
    Thanks. We are looking into the issue and will fix it soon.
  • Webtwo Dozent
    It took some time, but now it works again. Thank you!
  • Chris R
    how's that going?
  • Chris R
  • Chris R
    Not working on many pages. Not sure why this isn't seen as essential functionality. Kind of hidden on Firefox and never introduced on other browsers. Too bad b/c very useful
  • ednamelendez121
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