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My Monaro

Collecting Docs - 47 views

help resolved Microsoft Office Microsoft Word Office Open XML binary file

started by My Monaro on 04 Jul 10
  • Graham Perrin
    > for example with a Word document

    Neither Microsoft Office binary nor Office Open XML files can be uploaded to Diigo 5.

    The URL of any incompatible file can be added to your library using the Post to Diigo tool.
  • My Monaro
    Thanks Graham for the explanation.

    Pardon my ignorance, but I can not see the "Post to Diigo tool". Where might I find this?

    Since reading your post, I have worked out though, the option to "Bookmark this link to Diigo", when I right mouse click on a link at a webpage which opens a Word doc. The bookmark is then saved in my Diigo bookmarks.

    However, with regard to docs, how do I save to this option and how do I display an icon in My Library/My Items area of the display?

  • My Monaro
    So what is the difference to using "post to.." as opposed to using the the bookmark tool from the Diigo toolbar? The end result is the same.

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