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capture snapshot image

started by vampmichelle on 03 Oct 10
  • vampmichelle
    Okay, so the former snapshot is now a capture? My problem is, that while Diigo does capture a page with no problem, it's not showing the image in the original size. Whenever I click that button, I just get a broken image. So, how do I get to the original size of the image? Because the text is readable on the smaller size, but barely.

    Also, I like the idea of only capturing part of a page. But for me, when I want to mark the part of the page I want captured, scrolling seems to be not allowed. Which suddenly renders the feature nearly useless. Is this a bug or is it me?
  • vampmichelle
    Yeah, I get that. But how likely is it that the part of the page I want is max. 800x600 (or whatever your screen resolution is)? For instance, I wanted to make a capture of an article, without the comments, menu and all the other hoopla. But of course you still would have to scroll to get the whole article.

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