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Suzannah Claire

Bug:: Feeds In Groups :: Comments Missing - 55 views

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started by Suzannah Claire on 28 Mar 08
  • Suzannah Claire
    Just a note:

    Thanks SO much for fixing the RSS issue of comments and sticky notes not coming through on Lists. Thought I would drop a line that in the feeds for bookmarks in groups, the highlights and sticky notes come through just great, but the comments do not. However, because the comment ITSELF does not come through BUT the little text phrase "posted by" does come through, it looks like a simple merge problem to me. Someone just forgot to pop in that merge field (for lack of better vocabulary, sorry)

    LOVE Diigo!!!

    One other thought - I am sure it just got lost somewhere - the ability to move an item from one list to another. No option for "Add to List" is available when you are already in a list. you have to travel to the bookmarked link and use the toolbar. makes organizing lists a little difficult.

  • Krissa Swain
    We've noticed that, too, on our groups list.

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