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Tim Molderez

Bug: Anchors within the same page should be ignored - 14 views

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started by Tim Molderez on 28 Jun 10
  • Tim Molderez
    It seems that Diigo associates a page's annotations with its URL. Using URLs with an anchor pointing to a location within a page seems to confuse Diigo.

    For example, if I'm currently at the URL: and I make some annotations, Diigo will associate the annotations with that exact URL.
    If I then go to , Diigo will not show my annotations, even though this is the exact same page.

    Fixing this bug would mean that Diigo should be able to ignore the anchors in a URL.

    Tim Molderez
  • Graham Perrin
    Support for
    with URLs was introduced with Diigo 4.0 beta.

    Amongst the FAQ there's a topic, (2008-12-05),
    'Diigo bookmarks and annotations are URL-specific'.

    Please enable e-mail notification for relevant topics.


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