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Joel Bennett

Bar has NO BUTTONS in Firefox with Tab Center - 17 views

Firefox toolbar

started by Joel Bennett on 15 Sep 16
  • Joel Bennett
    I don't know what's going on, exactly -- and I'm kind-of annoyed that your buttons don't show up in "Customize" ... but I'm using the new TabCenter extension from the Firefox Test Pilot and the result is that the only button that shows up in the diigo toolbar is the "Go premium!" button.
  • kestimbala
    Their Firefox extension development seems to be abandoned and support here is nonexistent. Everything I read between the lines is "use Google Chrome".
  • mdsozib
    I don't know about Firefox. I use chrome. and it is best for me
  • crishgayle01

    CALL FOR ANY ATT ISSUES- 1-833-554-5444

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