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Jesse Kim

about sorting topic tags - 32 views


started by Jesse Kim on 15 May 07
  • Jesse Kim
    Diigo is great tool in many ways but has a problem. The problem is that I feel discomfort about default adjustment of sorting topic tags.

    Maybe some people feel comfort about frequency based sorting. But I prefer alphabetical sorting because I can find specific tag more easily. And I suppose many other people feel like me.

    Now, to find a tag, I have to click sorting change button. And it's discomfort for me and the people who feel like me. So, I want diigo developers to make certain option that can change this default adjustment.

    I hope this feedback is helpful to diigo. - Kim
  • Maggie Tsai
    Thanks. Glad that you find Diigo useful. Please kindly help us spread the words and share with your friends and colleagues.

    yes, several users have pointed this out. We will switch the default to alphabetical setting in the next day or so. But will soon offer a user preference setting to remember your personal preference to solve this issue once and for all.

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