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Anne Bubnic

Cybersafety Resources for Educators - 131 views

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started by Anne Bubnic on 13 Apr 08
  • Anne Bubnic
    Do you know some great resources for classroom educators? Here is the place to post them!
  • Anne Bubnic
    The California Technology Assistance Project (CTAP Region IV) is a state-funded agency that has been a leader in cybersafety education for the California public school system since 1997. We have invested hundreds of hours into research on topics related to cybersafety education and curriculum development. We work in partnership with school districts, Safe School Planning teams and the local Educational Advocate for AT&T in the SF Bay Area. We have many great resources posted on our site for educators, parents and kids.


    In addition, we train school administrators and have a comprehensive collection of resources specifically tailored for their needs. See:
  • Anne Bubnic
    Adina's Deck

    Fabulous School Assembly Program! Although the team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area, they travel and give presentations nationwide. They bring a sense of balance to all of the predator-based talks given by law enforcement. The creators of this project are graduates of Stanford's Learning, Design & Technology program and also have a background in film making. They have won numerous awards at local, national and international film festivals for their work and were a huge hit at the California League of Middle Schools Conference, last Fall.

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