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Debbie Smith

SchoolForge - 0 views

    This site has list of free/open source software available for use in an educational environment.
Marionette Jeffers

Curriki - 0 views

    K-12 educational resources. You can search by grade level, content and type of technology. All free!
Marionette Jeffers

NC State University Annotated Compendium of Open Source Resources - 0 views

    Also includes an open source computer policy.
Paula Chandler

Free and Open Source Software and Courseware - A User Guide - 0 views

  • Before I was aware of the free and open source software alternatives, I would have probably accepted this request as fair enough. But when I learned how good Open Office was for example, and saw what had to say on their website, "You can install this software on every computer in the school and on every pupil's and every teacher's computer at home without paying any license fees. Please encourage others to do so..." I had to ask these questions:

    Why are public education departments buying software at such an expense, and insisting that their staff and students use the same, when the equivalent alternatives in software are not only free, open and more flexible, but are more equitable, accessible, usable and reliable for the students and teachers?

    And while we are considering that question I'd like to put forward another:

    Why are those same public departments investing so much in a culture and practice of copyright, intellectual property and user pays business models when technology such as the Internet, free and open source software, and concepts like open courseware make it economically viable to at last offer a free and open education equally to all?

    • Paula Chandler
      The above excerpt from the article I found at stuck out to me because until I started reading The World is Open, I was not aware that there were free alternatives to such expensive software such as the Microsoft Office Suite that our district pays tens of thousands of dollars for each year to maintain the licenses. When I started using google docs, I was amazed at the sharing abilities and the many other capabilities that exist with such Open Source resources. At this point I have not actualy created documents in google docs but look forward to doing so.
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