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Group maintenance - 39 views

Hi there group! I just promoted the two most active members to moderators, I obviously don't spend as much time here as they do. I also added a picture, opened up invites, so any member can invit...


started by anonymous on 10 Dec 08 no follow-up yet
lavanya jagan

Top 15 Essential Wordpress plugins - 35 views

I would rather go for 15 SEO plugins for Wordpress Lavanya


jdr santos

Spamming - 22 views

Can we boot people out who are just bookmarking their blog posts to the group please?


Clay Leben

13 Free Plugins to Transform Your WordPress-Based Site - 26 views

    Good review of 13 plugins for WP including membership management.
awqi zar

30 Best Free Premium Magazine Wordpress Themes | Web Design Burn - 20 views

    Wordpress is a simple blogging platform and it's the no.1 blogging platform now that was using by many big magazine as: CCN, Mashable, Digital Photography School, TechCrunch and more… When starting a magazine website, the first step is find a good design for your site. So we're sharing with you 30 of the best free premium magazine wordpress themes to help you to choose a nice theme for your new magazine website. Hopefully you will enjoy this collection and it can help you find a good theme for your project.Let checkout 50 free wordpress themes if you still can't find a design for your blog in this collection.
awqi zar

50 Ultimate Tutorials To Make You A Power Wordpress User - 18 views

    WordPress is the most used blogging platform around the world. Its the first choice of bloggers because its really easy to use. One more reason I prefer WordPress because it has a huge community of users and whenever you face any problem you can discuss it with the community. There are also various sites available for WordPress tutorials. If you want to be an expert of WordPress then these sites will be really helpful for you. Today we compiled a huge list of ultimate and useful WordPress tutorials that will make you a power WordPress user.
awqi zar

50 Best Ways To Use WordPress: Do Everything with WP | Wordpress Jedi - 19 views

    We have all heard this before: "you can do everything with WordPress." That's actually true. WordPress is a powerful open source content management system that can handle any type of website, as long as you have the right theme. Best of all, in most cases, you won't have to break the bank to get the job done.
Vernon Fowler

WP-Snippets | WordPress Hacks, Snippets and Tips - 15 views

    Excellent source of help for WordPress development. Snippets are a great way to get information on how to complete simple and even complex tasks without having to reinvent the wheel. Very handy tool to have around
    I'm sure some of you have seen this before, but It's one of my favorite resources.
John Pratt

100 Things You Need to Know About WordPress - 15 views

    Great presentation from WordPress Ann Arbor - 100 Things You Need to Know About WordPress!
David McCart

Yoast GA Plugin for WP - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability - 14 views

Yoast GA Plugin for WP - Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability Version Affected: 3.2.4 (newest) Info: The Google Analytics for WordPress plugin automatically tracks and segments all outbound links f...

XSS wordpress plugin

started by David McCart on 04 Dec 09 no follow-up yet
JR Oakes

Shun the Plugin: 100 WordPress Code Snippets from Across the Net | WordPress, Multisite... - 16 views

    Great Code examples 
Clay Leben

WordPress | Pro Blog Design - 12 views

    Lots of tutorials and explanation for how to design within Wordpress. Clearly written instructions.
alby clm

Wordpress incredible plugins and themes package - 11 views

    Get all the tools you need to transform you rblog into an ecommerce, a link directory, a community website, a Cms, an autoblog, an auction website, a portfolio, mobile browser ready, but not only, with you can protect your blog fromm spam and virus, increase revenue from adsense and affiliate, improve your Seo rankings, manage links, content and database and more... Over 600Mb filled with over 600 plugins and over 170 themes are waiting for you. This cost like an ebook but is not a single ebook unusefull, you can setup the new blog that you have in mind in seconds with trust me
Wayne Sutton

90+ Excellent WordPress CMS Themes and Plugins for Creating a Website - tripwire magazine - 15 views

    HighlightFloating Sticky NoteCommentLoading...
Sue Bride

Top 10 Free Wordpress 3+ Photo Themes - Blogging Sueblimely - 11 views

    Free WordPress Photo/Portfolio themes or your images or artwork WP 3+
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