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How To Add .html in your WordPress URL | BloggersHive - 0 views

    "How To Add .html in your WordPress URL"
Vernon Fowler

Function Reference/bloginfo « WordPress Codex - 0 views

  • 'siteurl' - Deprecated since version 2.2. Echo home_url(), or use bloginfo('url'). 'home' - Deprecated since version 2.2. Echo home_url(), or use bloginfo('url').
  • home = (DEPRECATED! use url option instead)
  • Please note that directory URLs are missing trailing slashes.
  • ...1 more annotation...
  • siteurl = (DEPRECATED! use url option instead)
    Displays information about your site, mostly gathered from the information you supply in your User Profile and General Settings WordPress Administration Screens. It can be used anywhere within a template file. This always prints a result to the browser. If you need the values for use in PHP, use get_bloginfo().
awqi zar

How to set up Multisite Domain Mapping in WordPress 3.0 - tripwire magazine - 5 views

    I recently wrote an article about how to use WordPress 3.0 multisite/network features. This feature is really cool but out of the box it only supports the multiple sites/blogs to be served on the same domain ( or For some this may be fine but really most like you want to have unique domains for each individual site. In this article I provide a quick guide on how to set up multisite domain mapping in WordPress 3.0. Please note that you should not follow this tutorial if your WordPress 3.0 has not been configured to support multisites!
Wayne Sutton

Automatically Create a URL for WordPress Posts | DevMoose - 1 views

    wordpress, bitly,, short urls, url shortner, 
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