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Luciano Ferrer

A Quick Guide to Converting Your WordPress Blog Into a Multi-Site Installation - WPExpl... - 2 views

    "Ever since WordPress 3.0 there has been the hidden option of turning your blog into a Multi-Site WordPress installation. It's not something most blogs really require and it's certainly not for the faint of heart. It is however, something that can be truly useful for websites that want to split their content into individual channels."
Vernon Fowler

7 Ways To Make WordPress Multisite Your Bitch - - 5 views

    "If you're new to Multisite you may feel as though you've been tricked. You were told that it makes managing multiple WordPress sites so much more convenient, so you've jumped in with both feet. But now you're finding new limitations and complexities. Don't panic. Here's what you need to do to get to the other side where you can say "I got this" and finally have multisite working for you."
    Great Multisite info thanks for sharing
Vernon Fowler

Don't Use WordPress MultiSite | Half-Elf on Tech - 0 views

  • People seem to think that simply because they can use MultiSite that they should use it, and this simply is not the case!MultiSite, either by intention or effect, works best when you think of it as running your very own version of  You have a network of sites that are disconnected from each other, data wise, but share the same available user base.
awqi zar

Configuring WordPress 3.0 for Multisite With Multiple Domains Setup | Interconnect IT -... - 6 views

    WordPress 3.0 multisites lets you easily publish multiple sites, on multiple domains, within one installation.  This is a time-saving option for those of us who need to manage multiple separate domains running WordPress, but it does take a little knowledge and file access to set up, and at the moment isn't for anyone who doesn't consider themselves technically 
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