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Vernon Fowler

How to Optimize Videos for SEO [an Interview With Joost de Valk] - 2 views

  • Video SEO is mostly a technical thing, assuming you already have video content. It offers absolutely great opportunities because it allows you to appear in the search result pages with a video snippet, which includes an image and therefore attracts far more attention and clicks then a "normal" search result.
  • What does your Video SEO plugin actually do? It goes through a series of steps, as soon as you update a post that you put a video in: It recognises the video and, depending on whether it's a self-hosted video or hosted on a site like Vimeo, determines what to do; If it's for instance hosted on Vimeo, it'll retrieve the video details from the Vimeo API; It'll determine which thumbnail to attach to the video and what the duration of the video is; It then saves all this metadata so that you get a video snippet in the snippet preview AND a video XML sitemap entry is generated for the post / page. It does all that on the fly, as soon as the plugin is activated you only have to add a video to a post and it'll automatically recognize it and go through those steps for you.
  • if you are serious about video production for your WordPress site and stand to profit from increased rankings and click-throughs, you should strongly consider purchasing Video SEO
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  • If on the other hand you are a "hobby" blogger or are not profiting from your site's traffic, the plugin may not be a viable option. If you do not stand to profit from the investment, $89 is a considerable sum of money to fork out.
Miren Berasategi

HeadSpace2 - 0 views

  • HeadSpace2 is a plugin to manage meta data for your WordPress site. For the unfamiliar, meta data is all the extra information that explains what your content is about, allowing you to fine-tune your site for search engines. HeadSpace2 tries to make the management of this data as easy as possible so you can spend more time creating content.
    Advanced meta-data manager for SEO titles, tags, descriptions, and more in Urban Giraffe
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