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thomas lloyd

Warning! Don't trust anyone under 30 at work - 6 views

Warning! Don't trust anyone under 30 at work Westhill Consulting Career and Employment

started by thomas lloyd on 24 Jul 14
  • thomas lloyd

    Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia finds this very interesting, how true is the study? Does it vary from ones culture and tradition, from people of the U.S. in the west to the people of Jakarta, Indonesia in SE?

    You are older than thirty years old and you have immediately made friends with the bright-eyed, bushy-tailed 22-year-old intern, you got yourself thinking you have the power to take him/her under your wing and later on tutor him/her the controls of the ways to navigate this eccentric professional world?

    According to a study you must think twice. You must not trust him/her. At the first chance of a promotion S/he'll sure to throw you under the bus. There have been many complaints recorded.

    This is according the Relationships @Work study by LinkedIn, which says that more than two thirds (68%) of Millennials would sacrifice a friendship with a colleague for the sake of a promotion. By contrast, 58% of Baby Boomers say they wouldn't even think of doing such a thing.

    According to the Financial Post, LinkedIn spokesperson Kathleen Kahlon says the findings suggest Millennials have to claw their way to the top from their junior positions, and are quite willing to do so.

    "The Millennials may feel they have to scrape ahead to get that coveted job and they're going to do anything they can to do that," she says.

    The review of the study also found that one third of Millennials, vs only 5% of Boomers, say friendships help them advance their careers. One more verdict is that half of Millennials have certainly no problems regarding revealing their salary figures with co-workers, resulting to leave managers in the uncomfortable position of having to justify salary gaps. Sixty-nine per cent of Boomers, meanwhile, say sharing this information is a no no.

    LinkedIn tweeted the stat about Millennials being basically evil:

    But the infographic they created about the study makes no mention of that finding. Instead, it focuses on work friendships being super-awesome.

    Amusingly, the Post reports that the study demonstrates Millennials do still value workplace relationships, with 78% - vs 28% of boomers - articulating the chance to socialize in-person with co-workers makes their place of work healthier.
  • jantienvogt
    I find this unrealistic. Why blame the age, it's the attitude no matter your age is.
  • ferriedev0r
    Those under 30 are untrustworthy, how judgmental!
  • pietrogimz
    I disagree with these remarks overall.
  • bregive1
    When you incorporate the word statistics it automatically sounds legit.
  • adelfranz
    It seems the article itself is based on some sort of statistics. So, its trustworthiness gets into the same level with the matter it tries to describe.

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