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thomas lloyd

Move and be an expat in Jakarta: How to cope-up - 5 views

Move and be an expat in Jakarta: How to cope-up Westhill Consulting Career Tips
started by thomas lloyd on 14 Apr 14 no follow-up yet
  • alannahfizelle
    I don't know, you can turn a good coin offshore, day rate contractor varies from in Jakarta, plus your uplift / retainer. Also, if you're only based there you can live where-ever you like. I know a guy who lives in Tennerife, makes his cash in Abz rotates home and has good buying power overseas.

Westhill Consulting Career and Employment Find a Job in a Recovering Economy - 4 views

    Find a job in a recovering economy simply by not giving up on finding one. Maintain a positive attitude and knock on doors instead of waiting for an opportunity to knock on yours. Find opportunities, grab the job, be aggressive and apply to varieties of companies. The more jobs you apply to, the more likely you are of getting one. Update your social media profiles and career network pages. Notify your personal and professional network that you're on the market, refer to Westhill Consulting Career and Employment, Australia, and let them know what you're good at. You will never guess how powerful word of mouth is, so make sure that when you talk with people who might be able to help, let them know what kind of work you are interested in. About 70 percent of jobs are never put on a job board, meaning, they're filled via personal recommendations and connections so make use of these in every way you possibly can. This way you can also avoid scams since these are all from personal connections. Highlight something in your resume or interview that makes you stand out from the crowd of applicants, may it be a certification in your field or a volunteer job from your past employment. If the job situation really feels unwelcoming, consider changing your field to an area that is flourishing. For more info:
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