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thomas lloyd

Move and be an expat in Jakarta: How to cope-up - 5 views

Move and be an expat in Jakarta: How to cope-up Westhill Consulting Career Tips

started by thomas lloyd on 14 Apr 14
  • thomas lloyd




    Expats planning to move to Jakarta will find themselves in an extensive, overpopulated megalopolis, home to about 12 million people. Since the commercial and economic center of Indonesia, Jakarta presents a good base for discovering even the most remote places in Indonesia, and regardless of several disadvantages. Once you get used to the country, it is a fun place to live. Westhill Consulting Career & Employment Australia hopes you find the following information helpful and may you be able to use it while staying and working in Jakarta, Indonesia.


    Jakarta is lively and exciting and can be a little bit of exotic yet people who are new to the city may not find many of the obvious charms of other large cities around the world. Getting around Jakarta cab be very difficult because of the jam-packed roads and overcrowded traffic, also it can be very noisy and polluted city. Warning! most expats don’t drive themselves, they would rather choose to hire a driver but unless very brave, you may do so.


    In general, expats in Jakarta find jobs in the oil, gas, telecommunications, engineering and education sectors. Due to massive unemployment already present in Indonesia, the process for getting a work permit and visa for Indonesia for one’s spouse is usually a difficult process; there is a possibility that not both of you will be granted a work permit because of the strict rules on giving employment to foreigners. It’s advisable to seek advice when embarking on anything that may jeopardize your visa and stay in Jakarta since even voluntary work in many cases is considered as work.


    Overall, Jakarta is a safe place to live, and there have been no major complaints, but like any large city, it is advisable to be savvy and take precautions, especially watch out for scams for your safety as you would do anywhere else. It is risky to walk alone, especially for females, at night and you should only use taxi companies that are of good reputation and reliable. Violent crime is uncommon, and petty crime is quite low, however, be very cautious regarding scams as this is the most likely way that expats may be unconsciously losing their cash. While there is a danger of terrorism in Jakarta, and the city has been targeted by extremists before, security is given high much concern, particularly around business districts and in shopping areas.


    In Jakarta, there are various selections for accommodation and housing for expats. There are many properties available to a luxury penthouse apartment or houses depending on one’s income.


    The cost of living in Jakarta depends on lifestyle choice. It may not be a cheap place to live but there are local shops that are quite affordable and Jakarta is also home to many markets, making for a colourful shopping experience. Indonesian foods are cheaper that imported goods.


    Jakarta is also schooling friendly for expat kids, with nearly all expat parents prefers to send their children to an international school; this is likely to chop the biggest to one’s income since international schools are expensive.


    While healthcare is also expensive in Jakarta, it’s wise to take out medical insurance if your company does not provide it as part of your package, since any serious medical emergencies may entail being taken to a nearby country, such as Singapore, to receive adequate medical attention.


    Labour is less pricy in Indonesia than in the West, and many people, if they can manage to pay for it, expats or not, hire a driver and a maid. It is common for some families to have a staff of around four to help them whilst they live here. Some apartments have self-contained accommodation for those wanting to have live-in domestic help. There will be a period of re-adjustment and learning, and time spent getting used to a new cultural experience for many people coming to live and work in Jakarta. Deciding to move to the one of the biggest Islamic state in the world may entail some adjustments, particularly if you are from Western countries, and getting adjusted to the conservative norms concerning dress code, customs and the lifestyle may be vital. 


    Life in Jakarta can be busy and hasty and definitely not for the weak, but at the same time, there are a lot of great areas to discover, a rich cultural heritage to love and some new friends to meet.



  • alannahfizelle
    I don't know, you can turn a good coin offshore, day rate contractor varies from in Jakarta, plus your uplift / retainer. Also, if you're only based there you can live where-ever you like. I know a guy who lives in Tennerife, makes his cash in Abz rotates home and has good buying power overseas.

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