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Westhill Consulting Career and Employement News Nearly Half of 35 44 Year Olds Consider Changing Careers Survey says
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    Being stable and established in your present career does not necessarily mean one wants to stay on where they are now.

    According to a latest survey conducted on behalf of Rasmussen College it demonstrated that 45 percent of 35-44 year olds considered changing careers. It was in early 2014 that the survey was conducted, 2,000 workers aged 18 and 55-plus were asked whether they've ever thought about changing their current job.

    An overwhelming 36 percent out of the total number of respondents said they've considered doing a different type of job altogether and less than 30 percent of 55-plus respondents said they've considered working in entirely different careers.

    Insufficient pay, no room for advancement and unfulfilling work were hree of the biggest factors listed for why respondents considered changing jobs while the reasons listed for why they didn't change jobs were the limited number of jobs available in a weak economy, fear of instability and 'feeling too old to change'.

    Take those three reasons for consideration and give some pause.

    You should be very careful and take some consideration on shifting careers. If you're near to retirement and has to just tough out a few years of dissatisfying work, it is easier to stay in a career. However, if you've got a long way to go and your discontent is already escalating, it's shouldn't be out of the norm to reflect on your options.

    Considering changing careers is far different from actually doing it and putting it into reality, however, these results suggest that it is common for workers. Yet, those well established in a career, consider making a change. If you're someone who is considering making a move, go for it, but make it intelligent

    Make sure to do your research prior to changing careers. Know what particular career you want to pursue and your job prospects. Ask yourself if you can afford the schooling or training required.

    If later, after cautious consideration you believe you're ready to make a change, keep in mind, you're not on your own. Many have thought about changing careers and a fair amount of folks pursue through every year as well. If it improves your overall happiness, there's no shame in changing careers as long as you're prepared for what changing careers entails.

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