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thomas lloyd

How to be Mentally Capable at Work - 7 views

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started by thomas lloyd on 19 Oct 15
  • thomas lloyd

    The benefits are good, the company is stable, the workload is challenging but not something you can't handle, the people you are working with are professionals. There shouldn't be a problem. Yet, you seem to be depressed than ever.

    Work, as we all know and recognize can be redundant and stressful. Not only is it physically taxing but it can also affect our mental, physiological and emotional capabilities as well.

    According to reviews, 70% of employees resign from work because it can be mentally draining. Employees do not recognize this. Pressures and stress from the task itself and the environmental factors may be pinpointed as the main culprit but if we delve deeper to the root cause of the real problem, it will lead us to the fact that our minds and mental health is incapable of handling the issues. Far from what people know, mental incapability at work can also be as fatal and can sometimes lead to insanity.

    To live a better working experience and be able to prolong the days in your work, Westhill Consulting and Employment, one of the longest running career and personality development adviser, prepared these tips to be mentally capable and be able to digest the everyday scenario in your work:

    1. Use Your Mental Energy for a Good Cause

    Some people tend to stoop around and be concerned with everything that does not even matter. Don't dwell on unimportant things like gossip, complaints or heresies and get yourself sidetracked by these distractions. Focus instead on circumstances and information which can boost your mind's productivity.

    2. Be Optimistic

    Negative thoughts are far too deadly than we recognize. Mentally strong people never let these thoughts drag them down. Instead of agreeing with pessimistic predictions and criticisms, have a positive inner dialogue to drown those thoughts. It is best to talk to some people you trust and let it all out than dwell on it by yourself.

    3. Tolerate Challenges

    "Sometimes, the challenges that come can be too overwhelming but always remember that these challenges will not be thrown at you if you can't handle it", says Jared Trovenski, CEO of Turf Finances operating in Jakarta, Indonesia.

    While other people try to avoid tough hindrances, try to face it head on. Mentally strong people tolerate discomfort and do not nurse their fears as long as it serves a better purpose.

    4. Be a Little Narcissist

    Although we cannot avoid comparing ourselves to others every now and then, this can grow as a bad habit. Because of all of these comparisons, we tend to get insecure. Instead of always thinking of beating your competitors, try to ask yourself, "Did I do well?"
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    För många beror problemet i sängen på problem med styrkan, rekommenderas. det är på den här sidan som du kan hitta läkemedlet som hjälper dig. du kan inte vara blyg längre.
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