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Ced Paine

Word Search Sample - Google Docs Templates - 0 views

    This spreadsheet shows the use of the Word Search spreadsheet gadget. This gadget creates an interactive Word Search from a column of words in a spreadsheet, with a user-specified number of rows or columns.
fabrizio bartoli

Perform Amazing Feats With These Useful Google Spreadsheet Functions - 0 views

    "Importing Feeds From the Internet Another very useful function that could potentially be used for some pretty cool uses inside of Google Spreadsheets is the IMPORTFEED function. If you consider the sheer volume of information throughout the Internet that are offered by feeds, just think of what you can do with this versatile function. How it works is pretty straightforward. Simply fill in the feed details into the function itself, surrounded by quotes."
Tom Harrison

Woopid Video Tutorials - 0 views

    Watch free video tutorials for all your computer and gadget questions. Find a quick answer or learn something new. Search below!
    Ton of free tutorials - Mac, PC and more. Great resource for students. Can help with papers, spreadsheets, presenatations and a lot more.
Raquel Bambirra

sitesweb2_lista - 0 views

    sitesweb2_lista. tools web 2.0 Presentations & Spreadsheets
Vernon Fowler

Doctopus - 54 views

  • Doctopus: It now has a "Individual - Differentiated" option which allows individual assignments to be distributed by student "level." It now allows whole class comment ability to be added to facilitate peer review. It lets you distribute folders full of resources in addition to Documents, Presentations, Spreadsheets, and Drawings. As of Doctopus 4.0 it now connects to a Chrome extension called "Goobric" which lets you associate a rubric with your Doctopus assignment and do rubric-based grading right in the top corner of your browser.
    Google Docs management of student work

Combine QuickBooks reports: How to integrate two or more data files? - 0 views

    Do you have any idea how to combine QuickBooks Reports?. Think, it's interesting and helpful for combining reports. Now we are describing here, This is the way to merge reports of multiple data files of the different company. It is much reliable to combine reports from Multiple Companies features enables you to create reports for combining multiple balance sheets-all these process, you can transfer to a Microsoft Excel spreadsheets file.
Maria Knee

Google Docs & Spreadsheets - 6 views

shared by Maria Knee on 01 Aug 07 - Cached
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Grace Kat

Zoho Online Office, Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Presentation, CRM and more - 0 views

shared by Grace Kat on 20 Apr 08 - Cached
    Zoho is an Office Productivity Suite from AdventNet Inc. Founded in 1996, AdventNet is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with offices in North America, Europe and Asia. AdventNet focuses on building affordable software for businesses.
David Wetzel

How to Integrate Google Docs in Science and Math Like a Pro - 0 views

    Strategies are provided for classroom integration, creating survey, and science or math activities.
Christy Mckenzie

excel templates, calendars, calculators and spreadsheets by vertex42 - 0 views

    my all shopping planning everything
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