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Susan Sedro

ALA | READ Mini Posters from ALA. Make your own READ poster - 0 views

    Mini read posters - create it online with your photo at ALA website
Susan Sedro

Glogs: Virtual Online Posters - Arizona K-12 Center Blog - 29 views

    Now there's a techie way for students to create and share virtual posters, and they're called glogs. Glogster is a free website where teachers and students can create glogs and it doesn't require any paper, markers, or glue. Glogs and can be shared with the world because they are published online. Unlike physical posters glogs can include audio and video. Glogs can be easily edited and changed at anytime.

Online Motivation Posters - 0 views

    Get Inspirational & Motivation Typography Posters from: - at affordable cost.
Al Tucker

Mobile learning #9: A Dummies Guide to QR codes - e-moderation station - 0 views

  • 5 How can you use QR codes in education? Here are some ideas for using QR codes in education that I have found and especially like. These are all from my recent reading on the web. The sources of all of these ideas are in the ‘Read more…’ section at the bottom of this post. Add a QR code url to extra reading/resources on the final slide of a PowerPoint presentation in a talk. Participants with QR code readers can scan it before they leave. (Of course it’s also a good idea to include the url in full on your slide for those without a QR reader! The idea is that for those who have readers, it saves copying down an url letter by letter.) Include QR codes in published books, journals, or on paper handouts, which link to further resources. Especially for academic text books and course books, this has great potential, imho. Create a series of QR codes and attach them to physical objects in or outside the classroom, as part of a treasure hunt. Each code can supply a clue and a link to further information, which students need to collect to complete the treasure hunt. Students research a topic and present their findings in posters which are stuck on the classroom walls. The students create and include QR codes in the poster presentations, which link to online multimedia resources connected to the project topic. An excellent way to create low-tech multimedia poster presentations!
    Great blog post by Nicky Hockly. Simple explanation of QR codes with some practical classroom uses.
Emilie Bouvrand

Glogster EDU - 21st century multimedia tool for educators, teachers and students | Text... - 0 views

    Glogster permet de" s'afficher" de manière multimédias (image, son , vidéo) par la création d'un poster. Une version normale existe et une version pour l'enseignement. Cartonne aux Eu et en Angleterre. C'est ce que nous avons utilisé pour l'espace du CLOOB.

Social Poster | Post Content To 80 Social Websites At Once | Social Web Tools - 0 views

    llows you to submit a URL with a title, text & tags all at once to any 80 social websites of your choice. It's very easy to pick & choose which sites you want to post your content
Ced Paine

Perk Up Your Projects with Web 2.0 - home - 0 views

    Tired of assigning the same old boring PowerPoint presentations again and again? Want to challenge your students a bit more than the traditional tri-fold or poster project? Come learn a whole host of new tools to spice up your students' projects and your lessons. Explore and experiment with a variety of Web 2.0 tools including animated avatars, comic creators, digital scrapbooks, image creators, interactive timelines, logo generators, slideshows, streaming video, and the web resources that will serve as "containers" for the different elements.

Glogster - 0 views

    Glog is a kind of poster - fully designed by yourself! Glog is a fancy creation from text, images, music and video

Pull Lacoste Pas Cher Celle-ci - 0 views

Le Mexique a voté et Pena n'a pas gagné !?? scandaient,lundi, 25000jeunes dans les rues de Mexico. Barack Obama n'en a pasmoins félicité le nouveau président, également salué par plusieursgouvernem...


started by wiserena on 04 Jan 15 no follow-up yet

sac vanessa bruno tuto pas cher La - 0 views

qui n'est pas tout à fait le peuple du démos.Que la séparation de l'État et de l'Église est un effet de la première révolution, dite grégorienne. Certes, si l'Église catholique a progressivement dé...


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Burberry Soldes Les - 0 views

"Poutine répètece que Loukachenko a commencé à faire il y a de nombreuses années",a-t-il déclaré à l'antenne de la radio Echo de Moscou. A l'heure dela manifestation mardi, la télévision publique r...


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Scientific Communication In Healthcare Industry - Pubrica - 0 views

shared by pubrica on 02 Aug 20 - No Cached
    Pubrica offers Scientific Medical Healthcare Communication and 3d medical animation Services for the best integrated and customized solutions in medico-marketing material solutions For pharmaceutical, Foods and Beverage Companies, medical device manufacturers, hospital, Medicine, medical advertising, publishers, managed care organization, academic medical centers, Information Technology Healthcare products /websites association and we Present Scientific and medical Indexing, Medical book, Medical billing and Coding, MCQs for physicians, Continuing medical Education materials, White paper, citation accelerator booster, video abstracts, product and package label writing, poster creations, E-learning modules help Reference: Contact us : Web: Blog: Email: WhatsApp : +91 9884350006 United Kingdom: +44-74248 10299

paper used for posters - 0 views

    There are many kinds of cardboard, which are widely used in commodity packaging and also for special needs in various fields of industry. Compared with plastic, wood, metal, glass and other packaging materials, packaging cardboard has the following characteristics: 1. The carton is light in weight, convenient for shipment, less transportation load, and low in freight; Easy to print, beautiful decoration, easy to promote goods and promote sales. 2. Cardboard can be specially processed (such as compounded) to make cartons with various special properties to meet the needs of a variety of packaging. 3. Relatively speaking, the cost is low, wood is saved, waste cartons can be recycled, and less pollution is caused.
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