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Steve Weller

Let Diigo Turn the Net into Your Notebook - 17 views

  • I learn better when I’m active as I read. I love to have a pen or highlighter in my hand when I study. It helps me identify points of reference and make outlines of the subject material to get a better grip on a topic. Diigo helps me to do all of that on the Worldwide Web, and version 4.0 has just been released, adding features and making the experience even better.
  • major advantage of social bookmarking is that your bookmarks are stored online,
  • A second benefit is that each of your bookmarks can be tagged with as many categories as you like, making it easier to find them in future. This also makes it easy to drill down into your bookmarks, narrowing the search
  • ...7 more annotations...
  • A third benefit is that your bookmarks are available to others, and theirs to you. Combined with the concept of tagging, this is essentially a way of indexing the entire Internet
  • Once you have Diigo’s Firefox extension installed, select the words you wish to highlight, and right click. Diigo has added “Highlight” and “Bookmark and Highlight” to the context menu. Select “Highlight”, and Diigo will highlight the selected words green. You can change the color to blue, pink or yellow from the Diigo menu later.
  • omment about potential improvements for a website you have developed, and highlight things you need to act on in your favorite FreelanceSwitch articles.
  • I can share my notes and highlights with non-Diigo users by selecting “Get annotated link” from Diigo’s drop-down menu. This allows me to give others comments on their work without them having to sign up to Diigo.
  • partly a social bookmarking service like Yahoo’s Delicious, and partly a notation or commenting tool like the new Google Sidewiki.
  • Like a highlighter pen, it lets me highlight points of interest in an article – now in multiple colors
  • my library on the Diigo website, allowing me to organize the information by list or tag, and share it with my friends and colleagues so we can collaborate.
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Ture RM

Diigo opskrifter - 0 views

    fra laerit
Neil O'Sullivan

Social Bookmarking in Education with Diigo - 15 views

  • Teaching Social Bookmarking with Diigo Education
    Good resource on social bookmarking.
David Wetzel

6 Top Free Online Tools for Support Teaching and Learning - 0 views

    The six top free online tools were selected from available web 2.0 tools for teaching and learning using presentations, blogging, and bookmarking online resources. There are many excellent online tools available in these three categories, making the selection difficult at best. However, the selection was made based on reviewing available online resources along with other contributions and feedback from teachers.
Gordon Herd

Five Best Bookmark Management Tools - Bookmark Management - Lifehacker - 0 views

    Five Best Bookmark Management Tools.
Allison Burrell

» Narrowing the search: Sharetabs and Diigo together Realizing Your Personal ... - 0 views

    Diigo Education, in conjunction with Sharetabs, can give the research experience far more depth and help students stay focused on relevant information.
Johann Lemaitre

Installer la bookmarklet Diigo sur votre iPhone : Ergonomie web, Ruby on Rails et Archi... - 4 views

    Comment utiliser diigo sur votre iPhone ? Suivezles explications
Steven Shaw

Share The Bar - 0 views

shared by Steven Shaw on 22 Oct 09 - Cached
    Now you can make money anywere online doing what your already doing. It's simple and no special skills needed. We provided every thing you need to be successful
Janice Wilson Butler

Free Video Converter: Convert Videos Online - 6 views

    video converter online
Graham Perrin

Swoogle Semantic Web Search Engine - 0 views

shared by Graham Perrin on 23 May 09 - Cached
  • Searching over 10,000 ontologies
Zulkarnain K.

FeedFlare™ units for FeedBurner - 0 views

    FriendFeed,, Twitter, Pownce, Tumblr, Diigo, Twine, Kadoo, socialmedian
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