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Elio Assuncao

22 Amazing Adobe AIR Applications - 0 views

    AIR applications will help you with a multitude of tasks that will make your life easier, by helping workflow design process. Here we present terrific applications that will help you in your design and image-editing oriented tasks.
awqi zar

Orsiso : Organize - Simplify - Socialize - 0 views

    Facebook, Friendster, LinkedIn, Twitter, MSN, Yahoo... all your social networks and business info in one desktop application.
Michelle Thompson - Showcase for Adobe AIR Applications and Resources - 0 views

    Showcases Adobe Air apps
Michelle Thompson

Elite By Design » 8 Adobe Air Applications That Will Rock Your World Wide Web - 0 views

    8 Adobe Air Applications - productivity apps, Twitter apps and more
Zulkarnain K.

Bookmash - Bring the Web to Your Desktop - 0 views

    Bookmash is an Adobe AIR application mashup for video, music, photos and social news. It takes a different approach to many of the mashups you see and the more you get into this application the more detail you find. One of Bookmash main points is that it
Dhaval Shah

Adobe buys Web word processor Buzzword | CNET - 0 views

    A web application running in browser it an old story. Even ability of Web 2.0 apps running offline is old now. Its time for running your fav WebApp right from your desktop withough any platform binding. Now thats cool.

    This can also said a step into universal OSs or online pc. Dont you want those documents to be edited & collabrated thoughrolly without propritory Sharepoint services or their weak online counter parts?

    Having an application on your desktop which works on your pc but give you the choise of collabration with all features you wished their browser based competitors have, is just dream come true.

    Check this article, look at other related ones & comment. Even mail me if you have ideas, suggestions or new findings about it. If you do that I would hug you online.:lol:

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