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Jungle Jar

JungleJar | A Closer Look at CSS Tab Designer - 1 views

    Do you ever find yourself sitting in front of Photoshop for hours trying to mock up a decent navigation menu, or searching the web for the most aesthetically pleasing color palettes for your users to click on that doesn't remind them of McDonalds or a funeral parlor? Face it, sometimes we all lose our mojo for a moment or two, and then we are forced to validate ourselves not just to the W3C, but also to our website visitors, design clients and portfolio piranhas. And then we remember that through the general kindness of a group of web designers and/or developers, and through organizations such as The Creative Commons who work to guarantee that kind freedom, we don't always have to be the Picaso of style sheets.
Daniel James

Font Squirrel | Create Your Own @font-face Kits - 0 views

    Excellent font kit generator
Briayan Gomez · Swatch you doing? - 0 views

shared by Briayan Gomez on 26 May 13 - No Cached
    Color generator
Ely Kahn

Showcase | SVGeneration - 10 views

    if you want best news like this. Or follow. Your article in here
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