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iPads changing teaching & learning - Mark Anderson's Blog - 1 views

    Ideas in micro blog format

Ten Reflections on the First Year of an iPad Pilot | Ed Tech Diva - 1 views

    No. 7 and 8!!

The New Digital Citizens - 0 views

  • Five Card Flickr.” Each drive contains a folder with five photographs downloaded from the photo-sharing website’s royalty-free photo bank. The students pop in the thumb drives and open the folders, and the images blossom on their screens: a pair of dice, a pale and lanky teenage boy, a flower, a parrot, drums, a toddler wearing huge glasses, a tropical island. In pairs, the students get to work, arranging the images in various sequences to tell a story in the form of a play. 
  • “I just want them to think of themselves as creators,” Vail says. “And I didn’t want them writing just another paper. I want them to use technology to actualize their ideas. To dramatize their creativity.” 
  • images to use as the cover page of their adaptations—like a playbill for a Broadway show
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  • sometimes you have to catch your bees with honey.” 
  • the most successful teachers are like Emily Vail: the ones who don’t revolutionize their pedagogical methods overnight, but take a “slow and steady approach.”
  • learning is often more about process and problem solving than accessing or memorizing static information.
  • “when there’s stress, you just do what works instead of trying something new and different.
  • The fallacy,” Hogan explains, “is that technology makes teaching easier. But it actually allows you to do things you couldn’t do before, which is much, much harder.”
  • n order for the program to be successful, Hogan says, the student needs to have a sense of ownership and accountability.
  • provide lessons of what she calls “digital citizenship,” teaching kids not to text in public, or answer their phones in the middle of conversations. “That’s on the parent,” Gordon says. 
    ME Magazine article - thanks Linda

iPad As.... - 0 views

    list of apps organized around habits. "I want my students to..."

Educational Leadership:Technology-Rich Learning:Students First, Not Stuff - 0 views

  • Technological change is not additive; it is ecological, which means, it changes everything.
    —Neil Postman
  • If we see technology simply as additive, our questions will be about the technology
  • it's about addressing the new needs of modern learners in entirely new ways
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  • the ecological shifts we need to make: What do we mean by learning? What does it mean to be literate in a networked, connected world? What does it mean to be educated? What do students need to know and be able to do to be successful in their futures? Educators must lead inclusive conversations in their communities around such questions to better inform decisions about technology and change.
  • productive learning is the learning process which engenders and reinforces wanting to learn more
  • wanting to learn more" suggests a transfer of power over learning from teacher to student—it implies that students discover the curriculum rather than have it delivered to them. It suggests that real learning that sticks—as opposed to learning that disappears once the test is over—is about allowing students to pursue their interests in the context of the curriculum
  • with those changes comes a change in the role of the teacher. Teachers must be colearners with kids,

17 Real-World Ways iPads Are Being Used In Schools - Edudemic - 1 views



  • The students, however, say they are most excited about the “Notability” app, which is capable of recording a lecture and transcribing it into text.
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