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Aaron Davis

Last Call - Medium - 0 views

  • Contrary to the contrived ignorance of media reporters, the future of the daily newspaper is one of the few certainties in the current landscape: Most of them are going away, in this decade.
  • rom the advertiser’s point of view, the nation’s newspapers have become little more than a blue-bag delivery service, with a horoscope and enough local sports inside to get people to open the bag.
  • first, get good at understanding and presenting data. Second, understand how social media can work as a newsroom tool. Third, get whatever newsroom experience you can working in teams, and in launching new things.
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  • The death of newspapers is sad, but the threatened loss of journalistic talent is catastrophic. If that’s you, it’s time to learn something outside the production routine of your current job.
Meg Moores

How to Cite Social Media Using Both MLA and APA styles ~ Educational Technology and Mob... - 4 views

    how to cite tweets youtube
Tania Sheko

5 Reasons Why Social Media Managers Love Hootsuite | Social Media Today - 1 views

    Thankyou! "@heyjudeonline: @taniatorikova @judithway Social Media Manages love Hootsuite"
Bright Ideas

The 2010 Social Networking Map / Flowtown (@flowtown) - 0 views

    It is very interesting to look at social media use in terms of country populations; this could be useful to share with colleagues and students.
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