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Gavan Watson

Techniques for creative teaching - 0 views

  • In order to teach creativity, one must teach creatively; that is, it will take a great deal of creative effort to bring out the most creative thinking in your classes.
Gavan Watson

IDEA Papers | The IDEA Center - 0 views

  • The following IDEA Papers may provide some useful ideas related to teaching and faculty evaluation.
Gavan Watson

Teaching and Learning Resources - Online Video Modules - Lecturing without Tiring or Lo... - 0 views

  • Dr. Rich Brown, Theatre Department, presented this workshop twice for WWU instructors. Due to the expressed interest and the need to "refresh" these skills periodically, excerpts of the workshop are now available in this five-part video module.

Gavan Watson

How Do We Define and Measure "Deeper Learning" - 0 views

  • Simply defined, “deeper learning” is the “process of learning for transfer,” meaning it allows a student to take what’s learned in one situation and apply it to another
Gavan Watson

Using "Frameworks" to Enhance Teaching and Learning | Faculty Focus - 0 views

  • I generally assign frameworks on a weekly basis, to be completed with course reading outside of class. I collect them weekly, when assigned reading is due, which helps students stay accountable to the reading and on track with our course calendar.
Gavan Watson

MERLOT ELIXR - 0 views

  • The MERLOT ELIXR Initiative offers a digital case story repository that hosts more than 70 discipline-specific multimedia stories. Digital stories for faculty development can provide real-life experiences of exemplary teaching strategies and the process of implementing them. These digital case stories can be used freely in faculty development programs and also accessed by individual instructors.
Gavan Watson

Infographics & Data Visualization | - 0 views

  • Visually’s free tools make it easy for
    anyone to create beautiful,
    personalized infographics in minutes.
Gavan Watson

Course Outline Guidelines - Undergraduate, Graduate, and Diploma | Office of the Associ... - 0 views

  • These guidelines suggest the minimum components that should be included on a course outline and are meant to serve as a resource to instructors, chairs, directors, and others preparing or reviewing course outlines.
Gavan Watson

Test Guide - 0 views

  • This site is about how to write tests. It covers both test-taking and good test design.
Gavan Watson

Final Report of the Aligning and Building Curriculum Knowledge Exchange Network Project - 0 views

  • PSE educators say they lack time to focus on learning more about new teaching practices and don’t know where to find this critical information. Collaborative, one-stop online resources can be extremely valuable, allowing  PSE teachers to move beyond simply reading the material to  discussing it with colleagues and using it to develop curriculum.
Gavan Watson

engage - transforming teaching and learning through technology - 0 views

  • Through the Engage program, we’re partnering with instructors to transform higher education by exploring, evaluating, and disseminating methods of good practice for teaching and learning with technology.
Gavan Watson

The IDEA Center | Insight. Improvement. Impact. - 0 views

  • With a range of nationally normed, research-driven, flexible assessment services, The IDEA Center helps faculty members solicit feedback and evaluate teaching as it relates to curricular goals and the measurement of learning. We help faculty, deans, administrators, and department chairs assess how their own and the institution’s objectives are realized.
Gavan Watson

University of Guelph Provost's White Paper | Office of the Provost | University of Guelph - 0 views

  • This white paper is an examination of that mission, and an inquiry into what the Guelph undergraduate learning experience is and could be. It is not a critique of program content—that is the realm of departmental policy, or a program or curricular review. It is instead a high-level attempt to re-imagine how the University structures and manifests that learning experience. More than anything else it is a vision-level statement of what we might need to do, as an institution, to maintain the leadership position in undergraduate education and innovation that we have enjoyed in the recent past.
Gavan Watson

How Do You Talk About Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom? - 0 views

    What I Learned in Class Today: Aboriginal Issues in the Classroom is a research project designed to make these situations visible and to find ways to have more professional and productive classroom discussions. Developed in the First Nations Studies Program at the University of British Columbia, this project asks students, instructors, and administrators at UBC, both Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal, to share in videotaped interviews their most memorable classroom experiences where the discussion of Aboriginal issues became difficult, and to share their reflections on the dynamics underpinning these situations. Their interviews form the basis for resource materials that have been produced to improve the classroom discussion of politically and culturally sensitive issues. We welcome the use of these materials for programming and for the development of similar initiatives at other institutions; we only ask that this project and its materials be cited appropriately where used. Please see "license information" for further information.
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