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Contents contributed and discussions participated by alfred westerveld

alfred westerveld

Tweenky - 0 views

Lucy Gray

Microblogging Resources - 265 views

jaiku microblog twitter
started by Lucy Gray on 30 Mar 08 no follow-up yet
  • alfred westerveld

    Great group this is. And you are right that we should stay on topic....


    Lucy Gray wrote:
    > Hi All -
    > Let's try and keep sharing of resources in this group to things that are related to microblogging (i.e. Jaiku, Twitter). The intention is that this will be a one stop shopping mall for anything related to Twitter, so that people don't have comb through through individual collections.
    > Also, feel free to rate links, start discussions on links, and annotate them as you see fit. I think that's where the real power of Diigo lies!
    > If you're looking to share other kinds of resources, try Vicki Davis' educator Diigo group. Anything goes there! Or you can share links to your friends directly!
    > Lucy
alfred westerveld - Convert your tweets to images - 0 views

    Many forums, Blogs, and other web services allow you to have images as part of your signature. allows you to display your current twitter status as an image.
alfred westerveld


  • When Twitter is down, compulsively refresh until it comes the fuck back YOU HEAR ME, TWITTER?
    • alfred westerveld
      Lol every time different twitter message :D
alfred westerveld

gtwit - 0 views

    gtwit is a dynamic web based client for that supports history and personal search of your tweets by storing them on Google's cloud features * no install required - works in any modern web browser * stores all tweets you send or follow on google's cloud infrastructure so you can search your tweets by person, word or tag * allows smart completion of people or tags (just hit @ or # in the text boxes) * supports multiple twitter accounts
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