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David VH

Twitter | Product Reviews | - 0 views

  • keeping up with, say, a work account and a personal account is actually easier on a device than on the web
    • David VH
      Has anyone found multiple account switching especially useful on a device vs switching between say 2 Twitter accounts on a Windows 7 web Twitter software? 1/14/12. 
  • the iPhone-only Tweetie, and turned it into this multi-platform must-have.
    • David VH
      Meaning the iPhone-only Tweetie app is the best for Twitter use of all available for smart phones?  (I am looking for the best software to use Twitter on Windows 7). 
  • Twitter’s quality varies wildly across platforms. It soars on the iPhone, cruises along nicely on the iPad, and is about as pretty as a plane crash on Android
    • David VH
      So, if I want to get a first smart phone, and use Twitter, iPhone is recommended? (I have Verizon Wireless). 
    --I am looking for a good Twitter software for PC Windows7 desktop.  This article Twitter apps review 11/1/11: 1st gen of 3rd-party Twitter clients for mobile devices made the service take off.  Twitter bought iPhone-only Tweetie, and turned it into this multi-platform must-have. 
Baxter Tocher

MetroTwit - 4 views

    the Windows Twitter client you'll love to use. Frenzy uses Dropbox to store your feed items and keep everything in sync. You don't need another account and there's no other server involved.
    Windows Twitter client inspired by Metro.
Scott Beamer

qwit - 0 views

    Qt4 cross-platform client for Twitter
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