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Ignasi Tort

ifttt / About ifttt - 2 views

    use iftt 'if this then that' for example to tweet automatically when you add a bookmark to diigo
Dianne Rees

Twitter and Copyright - "Twitterlogical: The Misunderstanding of Ownership", by Brock S... - 6 views

    A question came up on Quora, "Are your Tweets copyrightable?" and I thought this article provided a good explanation of why they're generally not.
Baxter Tocher

Instapaperfeed - 2 views

    Automatically feed your Instapaper account from Twitter once a day.

Make Money Writing For Hubpages - 3 views

    Over the last month or so I have been running a little bit of an experiment. Basically, after hearing from some others that there is money to be made with Hubpages, I decided to give it a go. Before I start getting into detail, I should explain the basics. Hubpages is a website that basically all
Meri Walker

TweepSearch - 0 views

    Twitter Search
    Use to search for keywords or LOCATIONS in twitter BIOS
Marcus Schroefel

Top 10 Must Follow Twitter List For Social Marketers | The Web2Marketer - 0 views

    My Top 10 Must Follow Twitter List For Aspiring Social Internet Marketers.
Jeff Johnson A One-Stop Shop for Social Networkers ( - 0 views

  •, a Web start-up from Brazil with some prominent backers, aims to become the portal through which people access their online social lives. It's up against no less than the world's biggest Internet companies.
recriweb prinkipo

Twitter, info en fragments et «story telling» - 0 views

    [Pisani] "L'émergence de Twitter et de la micro-messagerie, comme outil utilisable pour la couverture journalistique d'un événement ne fait plus de doute. Elle va aussi bouleverser la façon dont nous écrivons nos articles et la manière de raconter ce dont nous rendons compte, ce qui va bien plus loin."
Nir :-)

69 Twitter Web Services You Should Know - 0 views

    Great Twitter web-services list. Started with 69, now more than 130 and counting.
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