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Peter Bromberg

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    "# Play uplifting music. No one wants to walk into a quiet room. Keep the atmosphere energized. # Greet students as they come in the door. Make students feel like they are welcome. This is a great opportunity to also get to know them a little. Sometimes the information you learn can be tied into classroom examples, too. # Let the students do the work. Let them write on the boards, brainstorm together, come up with ideas/solutions, etc. # Have toys available. Keep the busy-bodies busy. Give them things to keep their hands active and their minds on the topic. # Keep note taking to a minimum. Some of us just love to take notes. Try to minimize or eliminate it by promising to give a handout with all the information at the end of the session. Keeping everyone engaged during class tends enhance learning and comprehension. # Use a bright, colorful room. Have you ever taken a class in a gray, drab room and had the energy taken right out of you? A bright, colorful room does make a big difference. # Wear bright colors. Wearing bright colors energizes your students just like the brightness of the room. # Feed them. Food or candy is always a great energizer. It really helps with the tired time in the afternoon. # Get a summary of the class from the students. Let each student have a say in what they are taking away from the experience. It's a reinforcement of what they learned today"
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