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Steve Bosserman

A Call for Time-based Economics - Marijam Did - Medium - 1 views

  • The only thing that still holds us equal as humans is our available time to spend in this world — money can’t really buy that. There is a day / night cycle, we all need 8 hours of sleep etc, there cannot be a dramatic contrast between how much one person engages with certain products over the next person. Surely then, our economy should be based precisely on that.
  • In this model, statistics of usage would be recorded, money owed for electricity gets calculated in proportion as to what gadgets were used and therefore how much of it goes to the maker. Within certain devices there could be fractional sub-charges for the software used in them that would go straight to the developers and so on.For any individual, this allows them to find the perfect equilibrium in their working vs. leisure/care time as the more they work the less time/capital they have to spend for certain items and the other way around.
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