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Vegan diet for dogs: A question of thriving vs. surviving - - 0 views

  • The notion of a holistic approach that gives pet owners more control over their pets' diet has been gaining ground since 2007, when a melamine contamination of commercial pet food caused people to take a closer look at what they were feeding their pets, says Donna Spector, a veterinary internal medicine specialist who runs SpectorDVM, an animal nutrition consultancy.
  • "That was a turning point that led to more home-cooked meals and raw food diets. Vegetarianism is another subset of that backlash," she says.
  • Spector and six other pet experts who spoke with CNN conceded -- some more reluctantly than others -- that most dogs could biologically live on a vegan diet. But doing so requires substantial attention to creating a balanced diet that makes up for the loss of animal protein with substitutions of beans, soy and, to a lesser extent, vegetables and grains.
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  • they have evolved biologically as omnivores, meaning their systems can derive nutrients from a wide variety of sources, including fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes and animal products.
  • Vegetarian pet foods require the addition of synthetic amino acids to fill nutritional gaps or a much higher overall protein level to supply all of the essential amino acids.
  • She feeds them a prepared blend of dried vegetables, fruits and herbs that she mixes with water and either tofu, beans or textured vegetable protein.
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Vegetarian Crowned Germany's Strongest Man - MFA Blog - 0 views

    el hombre más fuerte de alemania es vegetariano
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Nutrition Facts - The Latest in Nutrition Research - 0 views

    dosis diarias - vídeos sobre nutrición (en)
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Hundreds of Dr. Greger's nutrition videos for free - Grupos de Google - 0 views

    dosis diarias - vídeos sobre nutrición
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