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Internet Archive: Wayback Machine - 1 views

shared by mcsalito about 9 hours ago - No Cached
    Short Description: WaybackMachine is an Internet archiving tool or "digital library" which may be freely accessed and searched by anyone. The archives includes Internet web pages, in addition to the digital forms of books/texts, audio recordings, videos, images, and software programs.
    Examples of Uses: Educators can use WaybackMachine to demonstrate the permanence of Internet activity to their students. Particularly with social media postings, educators can show their students that websites are archived and accessible in earlier versions, providing some insight and clarity to the "Delete" or "Remove" buttons that students believe are so reliable. In doing so, students can understand how difficult and impossible it is in most situations to erase their digital footprint.

digital ciizenship - 1 views

An engaging way to get students learning about digital citizenship.

digital citizenship

started by jgaravel on 18 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Be Internet Awesome With Google - 1 views

*Short Description: *Be Internet Awesome is a website by Google that contains games, resources, and other activities for young children to learn about digital citizenship. The games are platformers...

Digital Citizenship

started by atulsajan on 18 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

New York Times Learning Network - 1 views

*Tool Name*: New York Times Learning Network ( *Short Description:* The New York Times has a specific website that offers teaching ideas and directly relate...

"Digital Citizenship" "Critical Thinking" "social media" "student engagement" "reliable sources"

started by empfinkenstein on 18 Mar 18 no follow-up yet
Vincent Madar

Digital Bytes by CommonSenseMedia - 1 views

Short Description: Digital Bytes is an online activity that teaches students a number of skills in regards to digital citizenship. It is geared towards students in grades 6-12 and is just one in a...

Digital Citizenship

started by Vincent Madar on 17 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Marie Jean Tool Name Sway - 0 views

Sway is an intelligent storyline app from Microsoft office that is great for education in the classroom for project or problem-based learning. You can easily add content from anywhere, and save tim...

Collaboration Presentation Teacher Resource

started by deevh9 on 17 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Digital Passport - 1 views

*Nick Tirozzi* *Tool Name*: ( *Short Description:* Digital Passport used a game-based learning approach to teach elementary level students ...

Teacher Resource assessment digital citizenship footprint

started by ntirozzi on 17 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Me and my Shadow - Digital Footprints & Digital Shadows - 1 views

  • provides a good introduction to digital footprints/shadows, offering some tools that can be used to control one's footprint and a substantial knowledge-base of how-to's and information on subscriber agreements.

Trace My Shadow - 0 views

    Find out what information the internet is tracking on you...
Evan Grace

Digital Compass - 1 views

Digital Compass Short Description:This is an interactive game for students to learn about their role as a digital citizen. Students follow animated characters th...


started by Evan Grace on 16 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Digital Citizenship: Flocabulary - 2 views

Teach students responsible online behavior using Flocabulary! #DigitalCitizenship #techinpedagogy


started by bshenr78 on 13 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Digizen - 1 views

Lauren MacDonald Tool Name: Digizen Short Description: Digizen is a digital citizenship awareness website for teachers, parents, and students. Digizen shares specific advice...

Digital Citizenship

started by laurmacdonald on 13 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Nearpod - 2 views

Trying to learn as much as possible about all the different tools for teachers before I have a class of my own. Nearpod is one to explore more with its ease of use and student/teacher interaction ...

assessment Teacher Resource

started by katjapita on 11 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Verso - 1 views

*Description*: A learning application that can be utilized through computers, tablets or smartphones. Teachers can create multimedia lessons and it allows students to discuss and collaborate in re...

assessment Collaboration Critical Thinking Communication Teacher Resource

started by empfinkenstein on 11 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Assessment - 2 views

Tool: Google Classroom Description: Google Classroom is Google's education platform, allowing full integration of its Drive and Calendar services along with Mail in interfaces for both teacher and ...


started by atulsajan on 10 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Seesaw - 3 views

Julia Garavel Tool: Seesaw Description: Seesaw is an online digital portfolio that can be used in any classroom K through 12. Student can use it to show teachers what they ...

ass assessment

started by jgaravel on 10 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

ZipGrade Cloud: iOS and Android Grading App For Teachers - 0 views

shared by christinacarew on 10 Mar 18 - No Cached
    Stop using Scantrons and start grading with your phone or tablet!
Vincent Madar

Google Forms for Assessment - 1 views

Short Description: Google forms is a great tool for creating assessments past the basic multiple choice questions. It has the ability to create multiple choice questions as well as open-ended vari...


started by Vincent Madar on 10 Mar 18 no follow-up yet

Formative - 1 views

shared by mcsalito on 26 Feb 16 - No Cached
    A platform for real-time formative assessments + a FREE next-generation student response system.
    Short Description: Formative is a free, online tool which allows teachers to create a variety of assessments, collect data, and provide feedback to students in real time. In setting up an assessment, teachers may create their own material or upload documents, images, and YouTube videos (to name a few) to which they may add questions. Such questions can include multiple choice selections, True/False, short responses, and "Show Your Work", the latter two requiring manual grading/correction. After all responses are submitted, the teacher may then receive a summary of class scores and export that data to a spreadsheet. Furthermore, the feature of tagging certain skill sets to an assessment enables a teacher to track each student's progress with a particular subject.
    Examples of Uses: Formative can be used for nearly any subject or topic. Throughout a unit, a teacher could create multiple assessments to evaluate their class's understanding of the material. In a Social Studies unit on the Founding Fathers for instance, a teacher could upload photos of the different Founding Fathers and ask for an identification and brief description. For another question, they could upload a map of the United States and ask students to manually draw in where certain historical events took place. Also, the teacher could upload portions of the Declaration of Independence and/or the Constitution and have students respond to questions posed regarding those documents.

Khan Academy - 1 views

    From kindergarten to calculus, Khan Academy is here to help. You may have heard about our videos, but did you know that Khan Academy has fun interactive math exercises that cover skills ranging from counting to calculus, grade by grade? Every exercise has step-by-step hints, so your child can practice as much as needed.
    Khan Academy is a great tool for students and teachers. Students can practice and refine their skills in math while teachers assess and track their progress.
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