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Newsela - 1 views

An amazing tool to give students opportunities for critical thinking in and out of the classroom is!! Check it out!!!

#criticalthinking #techinpedagogy

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Critical Thinking - 1 views

A website with information and materials on how to teach/apply critical thinking at various levels.

Critical Thinking language arts Writing Reading collaboration

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bsikora and - 1 views and Both allow teacher to creativity introduce students to the wide world of computer programming. There are a variety of simple to complex computer bas...

Teacher Resource Critical Thinking teachinpedagogy

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Harry Bartlett IV

Neo K12 - 2 views

Neo K12 is a website that offers innovative tools for learning and teaching. Flow chart games are one of the tools available with a paid subscription. These games help students to analyze, evalua...

#techinpedagogy #criticalthinking

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Pinterest - 2 views

#Pinterest is a platform for creativity and innovation for teachers. It can definitely serve the same purpose for students! Students can create boards based on specific topics for possible portfoli...

#criticalthinking #techinpedagogy400

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StudyBlue: Online Flashcards, Homework Help & Textbook Solutions - 0 views

    StudyBlue is a digital flashcard system that allows you to not o my make your own flash cards, but share them with your classmates. Teachers can get in on the action by creating groups to share cards amongst students

Slack - 1 views

    Slack Is an app that's main goal is to better teacher collaboration and communication. Similiar to twitter, Slack used mentions and hashtags to organize and catagorize conversations or threads around groups or themes.

Mind Meister - 2 views

*John Spignesi* Tool Name: Mind Meister Description: Mind Meister is a great way to create a visual concept map on the computer! Students can create central ideas and draw lines or shapes off of t...

TechinPedagogy Critical Thinking TechinPedagogy400

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NEWSELA - 1 views

Description: Newsela is a platform that allows teachers to provide students with current events articles and critical thinking evaluation. Through the platform students are able to evaluate their ...

Critical Thinking Techinpedagogy Techinpedagogy400

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Edmodo - 1 views

Edmodo is a great tool to foster communication between students and teachers! All can comment and ask each other questions. Edmodo is a great tool for students to continue discussions both inside ...

collaboration communication techinpedagogy

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Critical Thinking Tool - Mind Meister - 1 views

This is a mind mapping tool that encourages critical thinking and collaboration. It can be used with small groups or whole class. Brainstorming can be done in real time, allowing students to coll...

Critical Thinking

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Prezi - 1 views

Prezi is a great tool for communication. Students can use it to create effective presentations for their classes.

#techinpedagogy #communication

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Google Classroom - 2 views

Examples of uses: Easy communication with parents Post/collect/grade assignments

Communication techinpedagogy400


Discovery Education Puzzle Maker - 1 views

Examples for uses: Formative Assessments Reviews/study guides

Critical Thinking techinpedagogy techinpedagogy400


Inspiration Software, Inc. - The Leader in Visual Thinking and Learning | - 3 views

    Mind-mapping is a great process, and this publisher offers several of the best tools I've come across. But one downside: unless you can find someone else to pay for it, it's $40 (gulp).

Chatter Pix communication tool - 2 views

Lydia Jabbour Tool Name: Chatter Pix Short Description: This application has the ability to turn any picture into a talking picture using a child's voice recording. This application allows childre...

communication techinpedagogy md400

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Communication Tool - 1 views

This program is an alternative to PowerPoint or Google Slides. It is kid friendly and has the capability of being shared both via web and social media.

communication collaboration Presentation

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Google Scholar - Critical Thinking - 4 views

Tool Name: Google Scholar Short Description: Google Scholar is an online search engine that provides students with scholarly literature. This research tool is easy to u...

techinpedagogy criticalthinking

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Padlet - 1 views

Lydia Jabbour Tool Name: Padlet Short description: Padlet is a "virtual wall" in which students can interact with one another and the teacher by posting resources, answers to questions, or topic...

techinpedagogy400 techinpedagogy collaboration

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GroupMe - 1 views

GroupMe- a mobile messaging system geared towards privacy and collaboration of those under the same community name. Business or personal, GroupMe never fails to deliver to the individuals...of a g...

#techinpedagogy400 #communication

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