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Cyberwise - 1 views

An website that allows for students to participate in online games that help develop their understanding of what it means to be a digital citizen. -Could be used in a class before engaging in a ne...

Teacher Resource communication techinpedagogy Digital Citizenship

started by pklouda94 on 05 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

NetSmartz - 1 views

NetSmartz is a great tool to teach students digital citizenship.

#techinpedagogy #digitalcitizenship

started by julianasans on 04 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

typeform - 1 views

Lydia Jabbour tool: typeform description: this application makes collecting data and information a breeze and userfriedly. It has a responsive design so it could be used ...

techinpedagogy assessment

started by ljabbour on 04 Jul 18 no follow-up yet
huntersigona - 1 views

It is a site that has a section that promotes digital citizenship through a few games geared towards various age levels.

Teacher Resource communication Digital Citizenship

started by huntersigona on 04 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

google scholar - 1 views

Lydia Jabbour Tool name: Google Scholar Description: an online database with access to peer-reviewed and scholarly articles and journals. This would allow students access to credible and vetted i...

techinpedagogy informationandmedialiteracy

started by ljabbour on 04 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

kahoot - 2 views

Short description: Kahoot is an online tool to create, and complete quizzes, jumbles, and sorts. This can be done from a mobile device, laptop, chromebook or tablet. Students can work together to a...

techinpedagogy Critical Thinking

started by ljabbour on 04 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Studious - Homework Planner on the App Store - 0 views

    As a student, one of the best lessons I have learned is time management, and Studious is the app targeted at helping students master this life skill! This app is an intuitive and innovative answer to the 'basic' homework planner: Studious helps students organize their homework and exams on a normal calendar, but will also remind students of when assignments and projects are due in addition to when an exam date is approaching - all while setting up the best times in the student's schedule to start studying!

Google Forms - 1 views

Google Forms is tool teachers can use to create surveys to assess students.

#techinpedagogy #assessment

started by julianasans on 03 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Seesaw - 2 views

Seesaw is a simple online journal for elementary students. Students can take a picture, add a video, or a drawing to their online journal. The teacher can review the work, collect data, and refer b...

techinpedagogy assessment

started by bermarymaria27 on 02 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Digital Citizenship App - 1 views

The digital citizenship app by @CommonSenseEd provides students with engaging tools to learn how to use the internet safely and efficiently.

techinpedagogy digitalcitizenship

started by mccanet on 02 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Kahoot - 1 views

Kahoot is a great tool to create quizzes and surveys that are interactive and engaging to students. #techinpedagogy #assessment

techinpedagogy assessment collaboration

started by mccanet on 01 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Schoology - 1 views

It is a multi-purpose website in which you can add students, keep grades, upload and share materials, give quizzes and/or tests and other assignments, and provide feedback.

Teacher Resource communication assessment Study Resource techinpedagogy

started by huntersigona on 01 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Brainsbuilder - 1 views

Online application designed for teachers to create their own exams and accurately gage the statistics of every question. Helps build the student's learning while assessing the teacher's performance...

techinpedagogy assessment onlinequiz

started by isabellazeolla on 01 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

GoGuardian - 1 views

GoGuardian helps teachers limit distractions in a digital classroom. Teachers can remotely monitor student work to ensure the proper use of technology in school. Teachers can also chat directly wit...

#techinpedagogy #digitalcitizenship

started by alyssaspreag on 01 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

spiral - 1 views Spiral is an interactive learning platform that teachers can use for quick assessment, student collaboration, interactive video, and flipped classroom activities.

#techinpedagogy #assessment

started by ammiegf2000 on 01 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Socrative - Assessment - 1 views

Socrative allows teachers to assess students in class through interactive quizzes. Teachers can choose to ask multiple choice, true/false, or short answer questions. The data is easily accessible t...

#techinpedagogy #assessment

started by alyssaspreag on 01 Jul 18 no follow-up yet

Digital citizenship Thinkuknow - 1 views

Need resources and activities to reinforce cyber safety in your classroom? Checkout for interactive videos to teach students about technology citizenship in the modern 21st century...

#digitalcitizenship #techinpedadogy400

started by bermarymaria27 on 30 Jun 18 no follow-up yet

Classkick - 1 views

Allows for teachers to monitor students' work while also creating lessons by screen clipping, adding links, videos and recordings. As students proceed through the lesson, teachers can access their ...

started by pklouda94 on 30 Jun 18 no follow-up yet

Citethisforme - 1 views

citethisforme is an excellent online citation generator, created to help any student find what they're looking for in their references. It tackles anything from finding sources to editing papers. h...

#techinpedagogy400 #medialiteracy techinpedagogy

started by isabellazeolla on 30 Jun 18 no follow-up yet

Flubaroo - 1 views

Flubaroo is a free tool that helps you quickly grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments. It flags low scoring questions, offers individual feedback and you can email score and answer she...

techinpedagogy Assessment

started by kshamas on 29 Jun 18 no follow-up yet
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