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Cara Whitehead

Early Elementary Science Curriculum - K-2 Interactive Science Program - 0 views

    Online, interactive, standards-based science curriculum
Tiffany Hoefer

Project-Based Learning Teaching Module | OER Commons - 1 views

    PBL teaching modules from Edutopia. Part of Edutopia's professional development series. Designed to increase engagement and retention in the classroom. Designed to be used as a 2-3 hour class or a 1-2 day workshop. Divided into 2 parts.
Teachers Without Borders

New Tactics in Human Rights | Resources & Tools - 0 views

    Adapt and apply these great resources to your own human rights efforts:
Teachers Without Borders

Three Ideas for 21st Century Global Curriculum | Edutopia - 0 views

    Three Ideas for 21st Century Global Curriculum
Teachers Without Borders

Bill would require Quebec schools to adopt anti-bullying plan - 0 views

  • QUEBEC — All public and private schools in Quebec will have to adopt an anti-bullying, anti-violence plan under Bill 56, presented Wednesday in the provincial legislature by Education Minister Line Beauchamp.

    The minister also announced a major media campaign against bullying, in partnership with publicly owned Tele-Quebec, and Quebecor Inc., urging people to be "ordinary heroes" by standing up to bullies.

    "Bullying doesn't start at 8 a.m. and doesn't finish at 4 p.m.," the minister said, adding that everyone has to get involved and the new policy will extend to cyber bullying as well.

Teachers Without Borders

Thai schools urged to boost speaking | Education | Guardian Weekly - 0 views

  • The Thai government has embarked on an ambitious nationwide programme to teach English at least once a week in all state schools as part of the new 2012 English Speaking Year project.

    The initiative is intended to ease Thailand's entry into the Asean community in 2015, when southeast Asia becomes one economic zone and a universal language is required for communication and business.

    The project will focus on speaking English rather than studying its grammar, with teachers provided training through media modules and partnerships with foreign institutions, including English-language schools, according to Thailand's education ministry.

  • While the ministry aims to incentivise teachers to create an "English corner" in classrooms containing English-language newspapers, books and CDs, the programme is in no way mandatory and will rely instead on a system of rewards. Those who embrace the project may receive a scholarship to travel abroad or be given extra credit at the end of term, Sasithara said.
  • Native speakers will have a role to play in the project, said Sasithara, who expects to start recruiting teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the UK and US, as well as from countries where a high level of English is spoken, such as Singapore, the Philippines and India.
Teachers Without Borders

In Afghanistan, a new approach to teaching history: Leave out the wars - The Washington... - 0 views

    KABUL - In a country where the recent past has unfolded like a war epic, officials think they have found a way to teach Afghan history without widening the fractures between long-quarreling ethnic and political groups: leave out the past four decades. 

    A series of government-issued textbooks funded by the United States and several foreign aid organizations do just that, pausing history in 1973. There is no mention of the Soviet war, the mujaheddin, the Taliban or the U.S. military presence. In their efforts to promote a single national identity, Afghan leaders have deemed their own history too controversial. 
Teachers Without Borders East Africa: Uganda to Teach Swahili in Schools - 1 views

    Uganda will introduce Kiswahili as a compulsory subject in primary and secondary schools this year as a way of integrating fully with the other EAC partner states.

    Uganda joins Rwanda in the list of regional countries seeking to boost their language use as they seek opportunities in the integrated EAC where English and Swahili are the main languages of communication.
Teachers Without Borders

Launch of a UNESCO-United States-Brazil project for teaching respect in schools | Unite... - 0 views

    Coordinated by UNESCO, funded from U.S. State Department extra budgetary contributions, the "Teaching Respect for All" project recognizes the key role of schools in combatting racial and ethnic discrimination.
Teachers Without Borders Angola: Umbundu and Nganguela Vernacular Languages Introduced in School - 0 views

    Lubango - The provincial department of Education, Science and Technology of Huíla Province, begins this school term with teaching the Umbundu and Nganguela vernacular languages in primary and secondary schools of Huíla Province, in order to allow

    children to improve learning, spirit of self-confidence and feeling of cultural integration.
Teachers Without Borders

Palestinian Textbooks Debate Reaches US Campaign : NPR - 0 views

  • RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Do Palestinian school textbooks "teach terrorism," as Newt Gingrich claimed in a recent debate among U.S. Republican presidential hopefuls?

    His example — that Palestinians "have text books that say, 'If there are 13 Jews and nine Jews are killed, how many Jews are left?'" — is not in any of the texts, researchers say.

    As for Gingrich's broader claim, the textbooks don't directly encourage anti-Israeli violence, but they also don't really teach peace, studies say.

    A review of some texts by The AP, as well as several studies by Israeli, Palestinian and international researchers, found no direct calls for violence against Israel. However, the books lack material about the historic Jewish presence in the region and scarcely mention Israel and then mostly in a negative way. Peace with Israel rarely comes up. Texts for religious schools are harder-core, openly glorifying martyrdom.

    Researchers disagree sharply in their interpretation of the material.

    RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) - Do Palestinian school textbooks "teach terrorism," as Newt Gingrich claimed in a recent debate among U.S. Republican presidential hopefuls?

    His example - that Palestinians "have text books that say, 'If there are 13 Jews and nine Jews are killed, how many Jews are left?'" - is not in any of the texts, researchers say.

    As for Gingrich's broader claim, the textbooks don't directly encourage anti-Israeli violence, but they also don't really teach peace, studies say.
Teachers Without Borders

S. Sudan to phase out use of Arabic in schools  - Africa | - 0 views

  • South Sudan is to phase out Arabic as the language of instruction in schools within the next three years, an official said today.

    The minister for General Education, Joseph Ukel, said Arabic will be gradually replaced with English as the official medium of communication in schools and public offices as enshrined in the new country’s constitution.

Teachers Without Borders

OECD educationtoday: Chinese lessons - 0 views

  • The previous wave of reforms in Shanghai had focused on professionalising education and disseminating good practice through a system of empowered and networked schools. Those established the capacity of the education system to attracted the most talented teachers to the most challenging classrooms and the most capable school leaders to the most disadvantaged schools. The new reforms are now intended to produce innovative approaches to pedagogy and personalised learning experiences.
  • The aim is to offer a more flexible curriculum while avoiding the pitfalls that are familiar to students and teachers in the West.
  • This investment, and the ways in which students expressed themselves and discussed their ideas about their education, were very different from what I had seen and heard in Chinese schools before. What is evident now is that the Chinese system is well beyond playing catch-up with world-class standards; quite simply, China is designing its own educational future.
Teachers Without Borders

New school curriculum to be tested - The National - 0 views

    ABU DHABI // A new curriculum cutting from 13 to a maximum of seven the number of compulsory subjects in the last three years of school is to be tested in 2012. The revamped curriculum, which will go on trial in selected secondary schools in Abu Dhabi next September, will also offer a vocational stream for non-academically inclined pupils in Grades 10, 11 and 12.
Teachers Without Borders

Mandarin has the edge in Europe's classrooms - The Globe and Mail - 0 views

  • Asked at the start of their first Chinese class what motivated them to take up the language, the students of the Institut de la Providence, a secondary school outside Namur in Belgium, give their new teacher varied answers.

    “It’s a big country,” says one. “I’ve been to China and would like to go back,” ventures another.

    The two dozen teenagers are part of a pilot project started this autumn in nine Belgian schools to promote Chinese language learning. More broadly, they are among hundreds of thousands of students in the West who are opting to learn Mandarin Chinese, often at the expense of traditional languages such as Spanish or German.

  • China’s rapid economic rise is gradually translating into a greater presence in European and U.S. classrooms, from a very small base as recently as 10 or 15 years ago.
  • From a marginal position 15 years ago, Chinese has imposed itself as the fourth major language behind French, Spanish and German, which, on current trends, it will overtake by the end of the decade.
  • ...4 more annotations...
  • More often than not, it is a perception that knowledge of Chinese will be a vital asset in tomorrow’s job market that is driving demand, he says.
  • In July, Swedish education minister Jan Björklund floated the idea of every school offering Chinese classes to their students.

    “Chinese will be much more important, from an economic perspective, than French or Spanish,” he told the Dagens Industri newspaper.

  • Another important factor is the financial support from Beijing, which has stepped up the activities of the Confucius Institutes, a network of cultural diplomacy bodies tasked with increasing china’s “soft power” around the globe.

  • hese institutes are often likened to Germany’s Goethe Institute or the Alliance Française but are considerably more aggressive in pushing Beijing’s worldview and shutting down discussion of any topics regarded as politically sensitive such as tibet or China’s human rights record.
Teachers Without Borders

German youth uninformed about East German past | Germany | Deutsche Welle | 03.10.2011 - 0 views

  • Twenty-one years after the Berlin Wall fell, Communist East Germany is an enigma for young Germans. Some do not even know who built the Wall that divided Germany for decades, but educators are trying to change that.
Teachers Without Borders

Mandarin lessons to become compulsory in Pakistan - Telegraph - 0 views

  • A pilot project will be launched later this year in the southern province of Sindh as Pakistan looks to further strengthen ties with its giant neighbour.

    While Islamabad and Washington continue to eye each other warily – and a planned visit by President Barack Obama has been postponed - 2011 has already been declared the year of "Pak-China Friendship".

    The country's cricketing authorities have even considered playing Test matches in China while touring sides avoid Pakistan for fear of terrorist attack.

    Now, education authorities in Sindh say they plan to make Mandarin compulsory in schools from Class 6 (10- and 11-year-olds).

    "Our trade, educational and other relations are growing with China everyday and now it is necessary for our younger generation to have command over their language," said Pir Mazhar-ul-Haq¸ senior provincial education minister, as he unveiled the policy.

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