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Donna Baumbach


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Cara Whitehead

Possessive Nouns | Articles - 0 views

    Resources to help you teach possessive nouns.
Donna Baumbach

Digital Toolbox - 36 views

    tools by category
Judy O'Connell

Looking for eResources that don't break the library budget? - 29 views

    "At the recent Excellence in Learning Resources forum meeting in York we had a good discussion about the various eCollections libraries across the Yorkshire & Humber region currently provide for their learners. With so many libraries facing serious cutbacks, providing good quality eResources that don't put too much of a dent in the library budget is as important as ever."
Anthony Beal

Information Literacy The Assistant Librarians' Information Literacy Group. » ... - 2 views

    "At Seminar today called "Social Media - re-conceptualising information literacy" with Helen Partridge from QU"
Marita Thomson

TEDx LibrariansTO - 0 views

    The theme for TEDx LibrariansTO is Librarians as Thought Leaders. Come to the event and experience this incredible opportunity to hear librarians speak to the differences we make in the world and how we have, can and do lead and transform society.
Fran Bullington

Tomorrow's Tech in Today's Schools: PowerPoint Templates - 30 views

    Wheel of Fortune, Jeopardy, Millionaire, Hollywood Squares, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader, Newspaper, Wikipedia, Facebook, Outlook email
Cathy Oxley

Infographic Of The Day: 100 Years of War Casualties, Charted With Kitchenware | Co.Design - 14 views

    " entire century's worth of war casualties -- 38 million deaths over 25 conflicts ... festoon a cute kitchen with liters and liters of blood: one liter for every million deaths, to be exact. "
Anthony Beal

YouTube - Networked Student - 1 views

    A student researches a topic using new web technologies.

    The Networked Student was inspired by CCK08, a Connectivism course offered by George Siemens and Stephen Downes...
Anthony Beal

Wikipedia Is "Making the Grade" With More & More Academics - 1 views

    Although Wikipedia has long been viewed with suspicion by many educators, the Wikimedia Foundation has been working hard to forge alliances with academia, to build a better reputation, but also to elicit strong content contribution for the collaborative online encyclopedia.
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