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Donna Baumbach

Restyle the web with Stylish! - - 17 views

    "the largest collection of user styles anywhere! User styles let you change the way websites look. Personalize your Facebook, jazz up your Google, rip out useless parts of other web sites... There are tens of thousands of user styles, I'm sure you'll like at least a few."
Donna Baumbach

FAVable - - 12 views

    Web application for managing bookmarks - Web service for managing favorite websites.

    Visual Bookmarks
Donna Baumbach

Geedo - 17 views

    10,000 search engines in one - edit to include the ones you want
C Galvin

If you were on Twitter | Dangerously Irrelevant | Big Think - 0 views

shared by C Galvin on 03 Jun 11 - No Cached
    great answer to why do you waste your time on Twitter
Chiki Smith

Happier and At Peace with Myself - 1 views

I let go of my ex-boyfriend because he is one of those cheating partners who is not contented to have just one girlfriend. He never stopped with his cheating frenzy until I was the one who had enou...

relationships advice

started by Chiki Smith on 02 Jun 11 no follow-up yet
Lissa Davies

Library Links - 0 views

    Cybrary Man's Educational Web SitesThe internet catalogue for students, teachers, administrators & parents.
Javier Mejia Torrenegra

Más allá de la Folcsonomía - 2 views

    La Web 2.0, con sus aplicaciones y servicios, posibilitó interconexiones sociales que, hasta hace pocos años, solo se daban en historias de ciencia ficción. La Folcsonomía es una de estas interconexiones y se relaciona directamente con dos conceptos que la posibilitan: Marcadores sociales y Etiquetado. El concepto de Folcsonomía, novedoso y complejo, difícil de precisar y definir, únicamente se da cuando confluyen el uso de aplicaciones de marcadores sociales y la actividad de etiquetado por parte de los usuarios de Internet. Por lo tanto, para entenderla debemos tener claridad en lo referente a cada uno de sus dos componentes.
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