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Jill Duffield

Art Project, powered by Google - 1 views

    Tour the Art Museums of the world and save images to your personal library - a fantastic new Goggle initiative
Caroline Roche

Philbradley: Home: Store - 17 views

    A site where you can buy some great retro style posters on the theme of saving libraries. All proceeds to charity as well
Carrie Thomson

MakeMoney Photo - 0 views

Patty McClune

What is a QR Code? - QR Codes - Library Research Guides at Boise State University - 26 views

    Quick Response Codes
Jane Lofton

CUE Annual Conference: Schedule for Thursday March 17 @ Palm Springs, CA - 5 views

    CUE (Computer Using Educators) schedule for the 2011 conference. 
Judy O'Connell

How To Get Manga on Your Kindle 1 or 2 - Step by Step Guide | BGZ TV - 6 views

    I got a Kindle 2 last month as a birthday gift and I have been enjoying it quite a lot.  I have put my PDF books on them and have been doing a lot more reading than I have before I had one.  It is really a convenient device for trips and just reading everywhere you go.

    My biggest question when I got it was this :  "How do I get Manga on the Kindle?" Before the November 2009 update for the Kindles, it was really difficult.  Now, not so much.   Really, it is super easy and I will show you guys how.  I wanted to be able to carry tons and tons of Manga wherever I went and now I can.
Cathy Oxley

Web 2.0 for the Classroom - Wiki - 34 views

    Online learning course with 9 modules
Javier Mejia Torrenegra

Arquitectura De Las Bibliotecas Virtuales - 4 views

    La arquitectura de las bibliotecas virtuales posee dos aspectos: la arquitectura del edificio de la biblioteca virtual (su sitio web) y la arquitectura de la información allí contenida. Cada uno de estos temas constituye hoy una especialización profesional. Cuando una universidad necesita crear una nueva biblioteca tradicional, existe cierto consenso internacional, y mucho se ha publicado sobre ello, respecto de los requerimientos arquitectónicos de un edificio destinado a una biblioteca universitaria y la forma recomendada de construir cada una de las secciones de ésta, así como las características de construcción de cada uno de los muebles para cada servicio y para los procesos técnicos.
Caroline Roche

Old Bailey Online - The Proceedings of the Old Bailey, 1674-1913 - Central Criminal Court - 5 views

    Primary source of Old Bailey crimes and trials
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