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Sherri Thomas

Reading Genres - 19 views

    free downloadable genre posters
Cara Whitehead

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary and - 0 views

    LInks for several different spelling and vocabulary lists
Donna Baumbach

David Arendale's Web Site - Tutorials for Use of Software - 25 views

    itunes animoto twitter delicious skype youtube blobs wikis screen_capture surveys movie_maker and more
Jane Lofton

Teacher's Guide to Using Facebook (Read Fullscreen) - 30 views

    A teacher's guide to Facebook settings.
Dennis OConnor

The Power of Twitter in Information Discovery | Both Sides of the Table - 0 views

    The author provides a short history of information discovery that provides a fascinating context for the article.  You see the evolution of web info over the paste decade. You also get some true insight on how to consume information using social tools.  Abundant links to web 2.0 apps make this article well worth the time to read (and re-read it).  
Sally Dooley

Flickr: The Commons - 26 views

    The world's public photography archives
Donna Baumbach

Virtual Information Inquiry: Student Information Scientists and Instructional Specialis... - 37 views

    Annette Lamb
James Whittle

Study: Exploring the link between reading fiction and empathy - 21 views

    Readers of fiction tend to have better abilities of empathy and theory of
    mind (Mar et al., 2006). We present a study designed to replicate this
    finding, rule out one possible explanation, and extend the assessment of
    social outcomes. In order to rule out the role of personality, we first identified Openness as the most consistent correlate. This trait was then statistically controlled for, along with two other important individual differences: the tendency to be drawn into stories and gender. Even after accounting for these variables, fiction exposure still predicted performance on an empathy task. Extending these results, we also found that exposure to fiction was positively correlated with social support. Exposure to nonfiction, in contrast, was associated with loneliness, and negatively related to social support.
Dennis OConnor

YouTube - RSA Animate - Changing Education Paradigms - 0 views

    This is an amazing illustration of Sir Kenneth Robinson's presentation on schooling in the 21st century.  It's fascinating to watch an illustrator create a visual map of Robinson's ideas as they are spoken.  The content of the presentation is enormously important to any educator struggling to change the system.  It's even more important to those who've been subdued and mislead by old ideas into thinking they can't learn or create.
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