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Dean Mantz

Educational Leadership:Teaching Screenagers:Teaching the iGeneration - 0 views

  • The resources included videos for those who learned by more kinesthetic and auditory modalities, written newspaper reports for those who learned best by visual modalities, and even interactive websites for those with a more tactile and kinesthetic learning style.
  • For example
  • Instead of showing the video in class, you might have them watch it on YouTube as a homework assignment.
  • ...17 more annotations...
  • access the video 24/7
  • using technology to enhance education doesn't mean that we should move classes totally online. Students need face-to-face social interaction, especially in the primary and middle school grades.
  • The point is not to "teach with technology" but to use technology to convey content more powerfully and efficiently.
  • Baby Boomers, in general, prefer face-to-face or telephone communication
  • seem to embrace both cell phones and e-mail, with a bit of instant messaging thrown in.
  • Gen Xers
  • Net Generation
  • social networks like Facebook, instant messages, Skype, and texting.
  • iGeneration, a phone is not a phone. It is a portable computer
  • born between about 1925 and 1946 are often called the Traditional or Silent generation
  • Great Depression, World War II, and the Cold War, they are characterized by a belief in common goals and respect for authority.
  • Baby Boomer generation, born between 1946 and 1964, tends to be optimistic, idealistic, and communicative and to value education and consumer goods.
  • born between 1965 and 1979, were defined by Douglas Coupland (1991) as Generation X
  • not as easily categorized.
  • 1980s and the birth of the World Wide Web
  • Generation Y, simply meaning the generation after X.
  • Don Tapscott's (1999) term—the Net Generation
Dean Mantz

Kathy Schrock's Kaffeeklatsch: Digital Natives, Digital Immigrants, and Digital Pioneers - 0 views

    Kathry Schrock shared this blog reflection about seeing herself as "Digital Pioneer"
Dean Mantz

Hijacked Words « Dreams of Education - 1 views

    Kelly Tenkley blog post after #edchat discussion 12/14/10 regarding "digital native" as a myth.
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