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gouldsberry plouffe

What People Ought to Know about the Windows V Mac OS Debate - 0 views

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started by gouldsberry plouffe on 02 Feb 12
  • gouldsberry plouffe
    It doesn't matter if you are using a computer with a Mac or Windows OS, they are both much superior to the ones only a few years ago, by being faster and more powerful. You should look at each system, to see what they have, before you decide which to purchase. To make the right decision on what computer to buy, you need information, so we from Registry Cleaners, are comparing the operating systems of both Windows and Mac.

    If you want to use your computer alongside a bunch of external devices you are going to have better options with Windows. For example, computers endowed with Windows 7 usually include capabilities for Blu-ray players, memory sticks, multi-format card readers, etc. Lots of people want to connect their PCs to their televisions and when want to do this with your Mac, you'll need a special converter. If you have Windows 7 installed on your PC, however, you shouldn't have any trouble making a direct connection to your television set. If you want to watch Internet videos on your TV this is a major plus because it becomes quite a lot simpler. Typically, Windows based computers are more highly compatible with external devices than Mac based computers with the obvious exception being external devices made by Apple.

    Beyond price, the primary advantage offered to you by Windows is that it offers you more choices and opportunities for customization. When it comes to Mac, you are dealing with one company, Apple. When you choose a PC, though, there are a vast array of companies that make these computers--some of them are quite well known and popular while others...not so much.

    What makes this an advantage is that, if you want to, it affords you the opportunity to put your computer together one piece at a time. You can go online, for example, and buy a custom system, which not only allows you to save money, but also ensures that you're only getting exactly what you need. There are quite a lot of great things about Mac computers, but buying one forces you to be stuck with pretty much whatever is in the box it gets delivered in.

    What is important about a computer is taking care of your needs, but it is a good idea to get a computer that looks good to you. However, many people prefer the look of a Mac over most PCs. There has been a lot of effort, by Apple, to design high functioning products, that are not only good-looking, but ergonomic as well. Many brands have tried to keep their costs down, but attractive looks are important with Apple, and their designs. There are many computers that are not only nicely designed, but also Windows-based, and you can find one that appeals to you with a little effort. The look and design of a computer may not be the most important factor, but it's something you should consider. One of the first things you need to decide on before starting your search for a computer is whether to get a Mac or windows OS. There are enough differences between a Mac and a PC, that it should be quite easy to decide which type you would rather have. The right computer should be a simple choice, once you know all of the advantages and disadvantages of both operating systems.

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