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Rozen Monroe

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started by Rozen Monroe on 08 Aug 13
  • Rozen Monroe

    LAS VEGAS - What you don't know can hurt you when it comes to the hundreds of scams circulating about the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare.

    Scammers are calling people (mostly seniors) and trying to fool them into providing personal information. The scammers tell the victims they were selected to get insurance cards for the Affordable Care Act.

    Most of these scammers do not use the official title of "Affordable Care Act." They call it Obamacare, according to consumer watchdog groups and the Better Business Bureau.

    The scammer tells the victim in order to receive the insurance cards, the victim must provide his or her Social Security number and bank account information.

    You should never give out that information, especially to someone calling your home.

    The Affordable Care Act scam isn't the only one using President Obama's name. Another scam is circulating across the valley that could land in your e-mail inbox.

    The e-mail states President Obama is giving money to Americans who purchase solar panels.

    The e-mail comes from a website that represents a network of solar installation and service companies. If you respond to the e-mail for a free solar assessment, you will receive a call to discuss service options.

    Solar panels will cost you a lot of money. While government rebates are available, they aren't coming directly from the president. If you are thinking about buying solar panels, remember, no one will give them to you for free.

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