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Laura Wood

National Constitution Center: Interactive Constitution - 1 views

  • Search the
    Interactive Constitution:
  • Discover how the Constitution relates to more than 300 indexed topics from school prayer to civil rights.
    • Laura Wood
      You can search by topic and see how different hot topics relate to the Constitution
  • Search the text of the Constitution by Supreme Court decisions.
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  • Search the text of the Constitution by Supreme Court decisions.
    • Laura Wood
      So this I think is super rad, you can search by Supreme Court cases and see which piece of the Constitution each case centered around
  • This Interactive Constitution is based on The Words We Live By:
    • Laura Wood
      Very Important! So this interpretation of the Constitution is taken from the perspective of Linda R. Monk who wrote the oft used text "The Words we Live By" and "Bill of Rights: A Users Guide". For more info about Linda Monk, check out
  • Interactive Constitution:
    • Laura Wood
      You can search the Constitution by keyword!
    • Laura Wood
      At the bottom right of the page is a button where you can pring the constitution in its entirety
    • Laura Wood
      At the top of this home page are various boxes that say "Preamble," "Article I," etc. If you click any of these, what comes up is that section of the Constitution. If you hover over a section of the text, a portion will be highlighted. If you click on that section, that bit of text will be explained below. The interpretation given of what that text means comes from Linda R. Monk's book. There are also sometimes interpretations given by Supreme Court justices or other additional information.
    Interactive Constitution! Broken down into Preamble, Articles, and Amendments, which are each broken down into the original text, and then if you click different pieces of the text it explains what they mean. You can also search the entire constitution for key words, search by topics, or search by court case
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