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Phil Taylor

BELLTONES: An Open Letter to Teachers Who do Not Prefer Technology - Internet@Schools M... - 0 views

  • You are a good teacher. Your students do succeed. But pressure is increasing for you to use more and more technology even though you would rather not.
  • 1. You are not going to break the computer or other device.
  • 2. Start small.
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  • the best training is one on one
  • For most people, finding a buddy is a great idea
  • 5. Put aside reluctance to get help from students.
  • 7. Don’t be intimidated by superstars
  • 8. Reconsider privacy.
  • 9. Communication is a great starting point.
  • 11. Read!
  • 12. Have fun!
  • 1. You are not alone.
  • 2. This does not reflect on you.
John Evans

A Letter To Parents Of Digital Age Children - 1 views

    "First, let me thank you for entrusting me with teaching your children, honoring the amazing individuals they are, and helping them discover the confident and empowered young people they can be. Providing a rich and engaging environment for your children to learn in is my utmost concern, but Iately I have had to acknowledge that the young people I see every day do much of the learning that is important to them when they leave the parking lot and head home from school. Thus, I am writing to solicit your help."
Phil Taylor

Not Your Father's School: A Letter to New Teachers - 1 views

  • teaching isn’t about content and it’s not about technology. It’s about kids, about building relationships with them, about believing in them, about finding out what they can do and then providing opportunities for them to do it.
  • Know your students, have faith in their capacities, and magical things will happen.
  • you’re a professional now
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  • The best teachers do the same, and you should try to emulate that—if for no other reason than to stay on the right side of all the disruptive change that’s coming along.
  • the strongest teachers are very good at gently, and sometimes not so gently, reminding parents that we’re all on the same side here
  • go to your school’s website and re-read the mission statement. If there are sections on values, and history, read those, too.
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