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Steve Bosserman

My name is Drone, James Drone - Global Guerrillas - 2 views

    A look at where sensor technology is heading.  Is it time for SENSORICA to get suited up and into the robotics game?
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Industry Canada collaborators contact list - 0 views

    "networking, writing (mostly OVN and p2p)"
Kurt Laitner

Goodbye, Dilbert: 'The Rise of the Naked Economy' » Knowledge@Wharton - 2 views

  • “teaming”: bringing together a team of professionals for a specific task
  • The old cubicle-based, static company is increasingly being replaced by a more fluid and mobile model: “the constant assembly, disassembly, and reassembly of people, talent, and ideas around a range of challenges and opportunities.”
  • Therefore, the new economy and its “seminomadic workforce” will require “new places to gather, work, live, and interact.”
  • ...17 more annotations...
  • The consumer electronics company Plantronics, for example, knowing that on any given day 40% of its workforce will be working elsewhere, designed its corporate campus to only 60% capacity
  • Their joint enterprise, NextSpace, became their first venture into what they call “coworking,” or the creation of “shared collaborative workspaces.”
  • also nurtures what the authors call “managed serendipity” — ad hoc collaboration between people with diverging but complementary skills
  • the number of coworking spaces worldwide has shot up from 30 in 2006 to 1,130 in 2011
  • someone needs to keep an eye on the big picture, to “connect the dots.”
  • workspaces are designed on a flexible, on-demand and as-needed basis
  • Coonerty and Neuner found that the most productive collaborations tended to pair highly specialized experts with big-picture thinkers
  • they were struck by the number of entrepreneurs and freelancers working at coffee shops in the area
  • Business Talent Group
  • Clients get the specialized help they need at a cost below that of a full-time employee or traditional consulting firm, and specialists are well compensated and rewarded with flexible schedules and a greater degree of choice about which projects to take.
  • This has produced a new market dynamic in which the headhunter of yesteryear has been replaced by “talent brokers” who connect highly specialized talent with companies on a project-by-project basis
  • Matthew Mullenweg, doesn’t have much faith in traditional office buildings or corporate campuses: “I would argue that most offices are full of people not working.”
  • On the other hand, Mullenweg is a big believer in face-to-face collaboration and brainstorming, and flies his teams all over the globe to do so.
  • He also set up an informal workspace in San Francisco called the Lounge
  • Additionally, a 2010 Kauffman-Rand study worried that employer-based health insurance, by discouraging risk-taking, will be an ongoing drag on entrepreneurship
  • the problem of payroll taxes for freelancers
  • up to 44% of independent workers encounter difficulty getting paid fully for their work
Kurt Laitner

Big Data and Techno-panic ~or~ Fear, Loathing and Johannes Gutenberg | gonna.grow.wings - 0 views

    • Bell believes that techno-panics are most disruptive when the emerging technology impacts all three of the following:

      • Our relationship to time.
      • Our relationship to space.
      • Our relationship to other people.

      What struck me about these three relationships—besides, of course, the recognition that the current crop of technological advances will turn them upside down—was that they are all crucial to the context in which sensemaking takes place.

  • In other words, the process of sensemaking relies on interacting with others to create a coherent map of an otherwise incoherent situation. This map is deeply linked context–a particular time, place, and set of individuals.
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

MasterCoin - 2 views

    Tibi contacted them to understand more about how Mastercoin can apply to the OVN model.
Kurt Laitner

Intimacy Gradient and Other Lessons from Architecture - Life With Alacrity - 4 views

    A wonderful concept for something I've been using far more words to describe - the Intimacy Gradient - love it!
    good overview of some of the architectural considerations for an OVN
Kurt Laitner

Liquid organizations: building the next evolutionary stage of anti-fragility. | MIX M-P... - 2 views

  • Who starts an activity is the owner of it, meaning she is the "facilitator" and "coordinator"
    • Kurt Laitner
      not a good thing, should evolve, not a land grab mentality
  • lazy-majority voted
    • Kurt Laitner
      highly game-able
  • collectively approved
    • Kurt Laitner
      how? need governance model and an understanding of context
  • ...12 more annotations...
  • Of course non-peer evaluation, silos and recruiting inefficiency are additional heavy side-defect of an organizational design philosophy based on the two illusions of control and predictability,
    • Kurt Laitner
      control and predictability are not illusions, they are organizational goals, and are legitimate - writing them off is planning to be a niche product
  • people’s disengagement and misalignment with the company's goals and principles
    • Kurt Laitner
      *engagement and *alignment are dimensions of value
  • This happens by a retrospective shares evaluation executed by each participant of how much value (and not time or effort) each person has brought into the final result
    • Kurt Laitner
      I do not subscribe to a results only orientation, and value exists in time and effort spent, these increase the probability of value being created and are in that sense valuable in and of themselves (think of an R&D outfit, results may happen instantaneously or may require years of investigation, both the result and the investigation are valuable
  • directly converted into money compensation
    • Kurt Laitner
      actually this presupposes a fully liquid (in the old sense of the word) company that can pay immediately for value added, this may not be practical - it also assumes that all value accrues to 'scarce goods' as a reward, where rewards have multiple dimensions just as value does (+reputation, learning, relationships etc are all dimensions of reward for which people are motivated to do valuable work)
  • distance between this value and the percentage that participant has given for herself as self-evaluation
    • Kurt Laitner
      this may be useful to reflect back to the participant, however is likely to cause more harm than good in a group setting
  • toolbox of decision making processes
  • Deciding quickly (and iterating over that decision) is considered a guiding principle for decision making,
    • Kurt Laitner
      not sure this should be embedded as a principle
  • the decision is considered "important"
  • voting is executed not democratically but meritocratically
    • Kurt Laitner
      not sure how the decision becomes important, nor why this would be the trigger to switch to meritocratic decision making, shouldn't there be a consistent need for good decisions, not just things that have been determined as 'important'?
  • the value she has created within the organization open-governance up to that moment,
    • Kurt Laitner
      hopefully considering context.. and perhaps even expertise gained outside the value network in that context... very napkin sketchy here
  • more decisional power proportionally to the value they are creating
    • Kurt Laitner
      this is only one way to do governance, and has its perils (over optimization, capture by an "in-group", heavily gameable if combined with peer evaluation...)
  • letting them immediately in and let them work just like all the "regular members" but in a "safe zone" and see if they fit-in.
    • Kurt Laitner
      would agree with letting them in, so long as they agree with value and governance rules, but don't see the need for a 'safe zone' - we do have a need to restrict certain tasks of course (like heart surgery) to qualified operators
Kurt Laitner

home / FisheadMovie - 0 views

    understand your competition
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