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Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Sci-Hub: removing barriers in the way of science - 3 views

    a place where we can find scientific papers that we can download.
Francois Bergeron

Science Exchange Jobs - AngelList - 1 views

    "Science Exchange is a community marketplace for scientists to list, discover, access and pay for scientific services from institutions around the world. Our mission is to improve the efficiency of scientific research by making it easy for researchers to access the global network of scientific resources and expertise. We do this by connecting researchers looking to get experiments conducted with scientific service providers who have the capacity to conduct those experiments."
Yasir Siddiqui

Klick's Intranet System - Genome - Wins SuperNova Award | Klick Health - 1 views

  • Genome harnesses the data-driven and social technology used in online experiences like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay and and applies them to how you work
    • Yasir Siddiqui
      Relevant to Tactus
    Genome harnesses the data-driven and social technology used in online experiences like Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, eBay and and applies them to how you work
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Science and Technology Consultation - Industry Canada - 0 views

  • Under this strategy
    • Yasir Siddiqui
    • Yasir Siddiqui
  • Genome Canada, the Canadian Institute for Advanced Research and the Canada Foundation for Innovation.
  • Still, Canadian businesses continue to underperform when it comes to innovation—a primary driver of productivity growth—when compared to other competing nations. The performance of business R&D is one oft-cited measure used to gauge the level of innovative activity in a country's business sector.
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  • Canadians have reached top tier global performance in reading, mathematics, problem solving and science, and Canada has rising numbers of graduates with doctoral degrees in science and engineering.
  • This valuable resource of highly qualified and skilled individuals needs to be better leveraged.
  • The ease and ability of the academic community to collaborate, including through research networks, is also well-recognized.
  • to develop technologies, products and services that add value and create high-paying jobs.
  • Canada has an impressive record when it comes to research and the quality of its knowledge base.
  • Still, the innovative performance of Canada's firms and the productivity growth continue to lag behind competing nations.
  • The government is also committed to moving forward with a new approach to promoting business innovation—one that emphasizes active business-led initiatives and focuses resources on better fostering the growth of innovative firms.
  • Achieving this requires the concerted effort of all players in the innovation system—to ensure each does what one does best and to leverage one another's strengths.
  • the government has invested more to support science, technology and innovative companies than ever before
  • Canada must become more innovative
    • Kurt Laitner
      problem statement
  • providing a new framework to guide federal ST&I investments and priorities. That is why the Government of Canada stated its intention to release an updated ST&I Strategy in the October 2013 Speech from the Throne.
    • Kurt Laitner
  • seeking the views of stakeholders from all sectors of the ST&I system—including universities, colleges and polytechnics, the business community, and Canadians
  • written submissions from all Canadians on the policy issues and questions presented in this paper.
  • The government remains focused on creating jobs, growth and long-term prosperity for Canadians
  • encouraging partnerships with industry, attracting highly skilled researchers, continuing investments in discovery-driven research, strengthening Canada's knowledge base, supporting research infrastructure and providing incentives to private sector innovation.
  • has transformed the National Research Council, doubled its investment
  • supported research collaborations through the federal granting councils
  • created the new Venture Capital Action Plan
  • helping to promote greater commercialization of research and development
  • Our country continues to lead the G7 in spending on R&D
  • Canada has a world-class post-secondary education system that embraces and successfully leverages collaboration with the private sector, particularly through research networks
  • destination for some of the world's brightest minds
  • global race
  • businesses that embrace innovation-based strategies
  • post-secondary and research institutions that attract and nurture highly qualified and skilled talent
  • researchers who push the frontiers of knowledge
  • governments that provide the support
    • Tiberius Brastaviceanu
      Why a race? We need to change the way we see this!!! We need to open up. See the European Commission Horizon 2020 program
      They are acknowledging that Europe cannot do it alone, and are spending money on International collaboration. 
    • Tiberius Brastaviceanu
      There is nothing about non-institutionalized innovation, i.e. open source! There is nothing about the public in this equation like the Europeans do in the Digital Era for Europe program 
  • low taxes, strong support for new businesses, a soundly regulated banking system, and ready availability of financial services
  • reducing red tape
  • expanding training partnerships and improving access to venture capital.
  • Collaboration is key to mobilizing innovation
  • invest in partnerships between businesses and colleges and universities
    • Tiberius Brastaviceanu
    • Tiberius Brastaviceanu
      But the public and in people is still not in sight of the fed gov. 
  • Economic Action Plans (EAP) 2012 and 2013
  • provide incentive for innovative activity in firms, improved access to venture capital, augmented and more coordinated direct support to firms, and deeper partnerships and connections between the public and private sectors.
Francois Bergeron

About | HackYourPhD - 0 views

    open source scientific community - selected by Yasir
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

Welcome to » The GaudiLab - 0 views

    The GaudiLabs are an experiment in developping open source culture technology. The lab is a creative space for working, thinking and living where culture and technology meet.
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

PIAGENG 2013 - 0 views

    go to website and get names and lists of papers that talk abour sensing applied to agriculture. 
Francois Bergeron

Death of evidence : Nature : Nature Publishing Group - 1 views

  • Of paramount concern for basic scientists is the elimination of the Can$25-million (US$24.6-million) RTI, administered by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), which funds equipment purchases of Can$7,000–150,000.
    canadian researcher may not have access anymore to 7000$ -150k$ scientific equipment grants
Tiberius Brastaviceanu

X-ROS paper - 1 views

    for the myotak glue, needed to glue the muscle cells to the transducer.
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