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Roland Gesthuizen

50 Years Of Space Exploration Explained In One Visualization | Edudemic - 4 views

    "In the whole history of space exploration, I've never seen something like this visualization (below). It's a look back at the past 50 years of space exploration… visualized in one single image. It's incredibly detailed so you're going to have to click on the image and then zoom in, pan around, etc.

Wanda Terral

JoVE: Journal of Visualized Experiments - 6 views

    The first video journal for biological and medical research. Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE) is a video journal for biological, medical, chemical and physical research indexed in PubMed.
A Gardner

The Molecular Workbench Software: Computational Experiments for Science and Engineering... - 8 views

    The link doesn't seem to be working...
    I used and it worked properly.
Roland Gesthuizen

Snake Oil? The scientific evidence for health supplements - 4 views

    "Scientific evidence for popular health supplements showing tangible human health benefits when taken orally by an adult with a healthy diet."
Sheryl A. McCoy

FlowingData | Data Visualization and Statistics - 0 views

    the present and future of data and data scientists
Jenn Broekman

Genome Projector - 0 views

    Using the Google API for visualizing bacterial genomes.
Sean Nash

The Octopus Gets Due Respect | nashworld - 1 views

    Regardless of your take on The Septapus, I have felt the need for a review of a really super piece of children's literature since publishing that post. I guess I just feel the need for some positivity to balance out the force. In reality, I am not a children's lit expert. I'm as much of an early childhood expert as a terribly curious father of two youngsters can possibly be, but certainly no more than that. I know my limitations. That said, I think I have one really sweet little piece of art to share with all of you. This is a book that is not only deeply accurate from a scientific perspective, lyrically engaging, and amazingly illustrated… but also seems to be a nearly 180 degree parallel of "Numbers" in so many ways.
Beth Kappus

communicating at an unknown rate - 1 views

    Cell Biology animations
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