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Claude Almansi

NOTES 693B (EFS Stanford, Adv. listening and voc. dev. - curated TED talks) - 0 views

Allyssa Andersen

TED-Ed | Lessons Worth Sharing - 6 views

    TED talks into animated lessons with materials and options to use as a flipped classroom.
Claude Almansi

Patricia Ryan: Don't insist on English! | Video on 2010 dec (filmed) 2011 (posted) - 1 views

    "At TEDxDubai, longtime English teacher Patricia Ryan asks a provocative question: Is the world's focus on English preventing the spread of great ideas in other languages? (For instance: what if Einstein had to pass the TOEFL?) It's a passionate defense of translating and sharing ideas.
    About Patricia Ryan

    Patricia Ryan has spent the past three-plus decades teaching English in Arabic countries -- where she has seen vast cultural (and linguistic) change."
Claude Almansi

Deb Roy: The birth of a word | Video on 2011 (filmed and posted= - 7 views

    "MIT researcher Deb Roy wanted to understand how his infant son learned language -- so he wired up his house with videocameras to catch every moment (with exceptions) of his son's life, then parsed 90,000 hours of home video to watch "gaaaa" slowly turn into "water." Astonishing, data-rich research with deep implications for how we learn.
    About Deb Roy

    Deb Roy studies how children learn language, and designs machines that learn to communicate in human-like ways. On sabbatical from MIT Media Lab, he's working with the AI company Bluefin Labs"
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