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Kim Marcon

Library of Congress - 0 views

    Great site for research on American history primary sources or anything about books and American literature
ian thornton

Inside a dog - 0 views

    CYL Site
    So much for students to get involved in on this site.Thanks for sharing the link, Ian. I've marked the Diigo Assignment as complete for you
Katherine Stevens

Over 5000 historical Novels Listed by Time and Place - 1 views

    This is a really handy website which I use both personally and professionally. I am really keen on the idea of using fiction to help teach history. I think reading historical fiction helps bring history 'alive' and stimulates an interest in finding out more. Even if the book is not 100% correct it doesn't matter as discovering this is part of the learning process and encourages critical thinking.
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    Thanks, Katherine, a great find! I love the idea of complementing historical studies with the inclusion of historical fiction.
    That's fantastic! Thanks.
    A great resource for the library Thanks for sharing. I've marked this assignment as complete on Lore.
Mary Faure

Focus on Fiction - 3 views

    Fiction on Focus is a resource that can assist in locating authors and their works. It categories items into younger and older readers and many items have a review including catalogue details with subject headings.
    Thanks for sharing the link, Mary. I've marked this assignment as complete on Lore for you.
Leigh Howard

Kids Book Review - 0 views

    good site for checking kids books
    wow! Lots to look at on this site.Thanks for posting the link, Amber. I've marked the Diigo Assignment as complete for you.
    A great book site for children's and young adult's books. Lots of reviews on books, and what's coming up
Mitzi Tuke

Australian Council of Education Research - 4 views

great resources for a range of verbal and written communication skills - Australian resources

resources English reading

started by Mitzi Tuke on 15 Nov 12 no follow-up yet

Fantastic fiction - 2 views

    This is a great site for looking up an author or a book or when a student asks you when is so and so's new book is comming out or even working out where a book sits in a series. It lists all the books in a series that have been published, in order. It lists new book sor soon to be released books for the author
    Thanks for sharing the link to this site. I've marked your Diigo assignment as complete on Lore.

comic rocket: a new way to read web comics - 2 views

    I am a great fan of graphic novels, as are my students! Comic Rockets for readers writers artists takes users to the actual website and helps them find and track web comics. Oh and I found it on a fabulous site
    The original link you posted takes us to the article on the incubator site."Incubator" looks like a blog worth exploring! Thanks for sharing the link to the site. I've marked your Diigo assignment as complete on Lore.
Silvana Fares

Readplus - 1 views

    A great online resource that focuses on literature for children and young adults. Latest fiction is reviewed on a regular basis. Also many links to other literature sites is provided. Full access is available through a paid subscription.
    Thanks for sharing the link to this site, Silvana. I've marked your Diigo assignment as complete on Lore.

Instapaper - 0 views

    Instapaper is a very useful service where you can save articles from the web. It will remove advertisements and other distractions, giving you a nice clean version of the article. You can also install an app on your mobile so you can read articles on the move, even when you don't have an internet connection.
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